by Manju Kapur. An unforgettable novel about what happens when a marriage collapses. Shagun is a woman of unassailable social standing, married to a man . Custody has ratings and 72 reviews. Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn. A marriage preceded or fractured by a heady, socially unacceptable romance has emerged time and again in Manju Kapur’s fiction.

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Recently, there was a news article in The Times of Cuatody regarding fighting of a divorced couple over the custody of their children. Did the exiting parent harm the child physically, mentally or emotionally?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And even toda day woman is heavily handicapped though her situation is beginning to change. Globalization and economic ic liberalization lured bankers, industrialists, bur ureaucrats and even the corporate in the ec economic and financial growth.

The book is set during India’s independence struggle and is partly based on the life of Kapur’s mother, Virmati. Raman and Shagun, a couple with two children, reap the monetary benefits and accompanying lifestyle of his work at the Brand, a company that invests largely in the manufacture of soft drinks.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review | Books | The Guardian

Can a mother be replaced by a mother figure? The author, Manju Kapur, has dealt with a very sensitive subject deftly in this book. As Shagan and Raman both forge relationships with new partners, they find it impossible to reach agreement about the custody of their two children leading to years of conflict between the two couples. Jun 17, Baljit rated it it was amazing Shelves: The blurb leads you to think of Shagun as the victim, but like most women these days, sadly, she wants to have the whole chocolate cake to herself and remain a size 0.


The novel can be term rmed as a legal drama of the Indian society. They are torn between two mothers, two ho homes and two countries.

Another strong point of Kapur’s narrative is that she neither idolises nor vilifies any of the characters- leaving the reader free to choose sides or more realistically come to the conclusion that human nature is necessarily coloured in shades of grey. But of course if the parents were not wise enough to have counselling before the break up then, the likelihood of it happening afterwards is nigh impossible.

A ready made family may seem ideal, but where there are children there are complications, and Raman’s son, Arjun proves to be difficult to love. In parallel, unravels the life of young Ishita born to typical middle-class East Delhi residing parents whose sole aim in life is to get their only child settled in matrimony.

Manju Kapur

But Shagun neither kqpur ca for social propriety nor does she conce nceptualize family shame. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Being intellectuall ally alert she is far more mature than her predece cessors.

Kapur presents him to us with empathy and meticulous attention to detail. Raman, like a dedicated employee, gets completely absorbed in his work and custovy spending even less time with his family.

Shagun has to bear a lot by the th breakup of marriage just for the sake of gaiining freedom amnju will and individualism. Where re children are concerned,ones deepest fee eelings are at stake, and provokes all kinds ds of extreme behaviour. Where does friends, hobbies, an alternate c What I love about Manju Kapur is that the characters she weaves are so real.


Will she be the mother that both Arjun and Roohi deserved or does she have a bigger role to play in the overly twisted lives of the kids and Raman?

The wife’s sense of suffocation, the husband’s fear of loneliness and the constant shifting of the children, like commodities, from one home to the other, are evoked with painstaking sincerity. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Shagun, S the beautiful wife of Raman, falls in lov ove with Ashok Khanna, the handsome bosss oof Raman. Kapur’s women characters are bold enough too face f the cruel and slow turns of Indian judi diciary and the way it functions. Told with nuance, sympathy, and clear-sightedness, it confirms Manju Kapur’s reputation as the great chronicler of the modern Indian family.

Divorce is not uncommon in Asian society today, but in an Indian setting, seems more complicated by the roles vustody the extended family members- the in-laws with bitter I think this is the best of Kapur’s novels so far. Sad but not totally heart breaking.

Manju Kapur has touched upon a very delicate and emotional subject of custody of children in a broken relationship.