The KKS system is a classification system for the complete power plant and its components and provides a common language for the designer. IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM KKS Chapter I KKS Guidelines and Total Plant Key Chapter II Function Key Chapter III Equipment Unit Key Chapter IV Component. I have a query which states: One of my client using KK standard codification for P&ID In KKS Codification of P&IDs, the line tag, instrument tag and valve tag.

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Current members of the technical committee are: Room Code The room code serves to identify physically separate and fictitious rooms in structures and in the outdoor area.

X and Y zones are outside the grid. The prefix symbols may be omitted if the information contents of the codes remain unambiguous.

Format of Breakdown Levels Conventional heat generation Unit control system L. The origin and development of KKS It is absolutely essential for the parties participating in the construction and operation of a power plant to agree upon a standard system for the designation and classification of the plant, its part and components.

Introduction Identification System is based on the Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen – System KKS This System is the basis for the standard and clear identification of all installations and subsystems in power plant. C — Instrumentation and control systems Special Rules for Mechanical Engineering I – 5.


W — Renewable energy plants Equipment unit classification Serial no. Details of application are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.

KK standard codification

The second character of FN numbers the cubicles. Increased unit sizes, higher rates of automation and further developments in power-plant technology, coupled with the demands made on classification systematics by power plant operators, all called for a uniform and total solution of the classification problem.

G — Electrical devices Function-Interfacing Analog Signal Processing Where control and instrumentation equipment serves more than one process system identified in F2 and F3, the letter Y for generic control and protection systems may be used in the appropriate data character on breakdown level 1. Room Identification by Kkks Serial no. Structure-related identification is expedient where different systems are held by shared supports.

B — Mechanical equipment In this application, however, a suitable identifier such as a prefixed Y should be used to indicate that a software coding unit is concerned, thus to rule out confusion codivication process-related codes.

Equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2 belongs always to a system identified in breakdown level 1. Safety equipment, consisting of safety valves and their associated piping, are assigned to the system to which they are connected. Special Rules for Mechanical Engineering These analog signal processing elements receive the code of the equipment unit concerned.


Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

AL According to cubicles, divisions, sections etc. Subgroups The classifying coding letters and designations are established on a non-project-specific basis in the KKS keys, namely as: The numerical digits count and subdivide the unit e.

The additional code can be omitted.

EA – Conditioning of signals related to functional control group. Equipment Unit Identification In the process-related code which is the most important and mostly applied type of codes in every branch of engineering, the entire kka is subdivided according to the function or process. Usually the code is written above the line: They are made up of classifying and numbering code elements.

However, such schemes may not have the effect of reserving numbers in other applications, codivication even within the same engineering discipline.

Where measured data are corrected e. For example maximum of a few direct measured variables: System-related identification is expedient where the supported items are positively assignable to one system.