The Outsider has ratings and reviews. BrokenTune said: Not much to say about this one: I have never been a big fan of Jimmy Connors and his aut. Legendary tennis player Jimmy Connors made a career out of challenging everyone. His book was no exception. He joined Bill Littlefield. I guarantee that after reading Jimmy Connors’ autobiography you will want to pick something up and smash it. A tennis ball to be precise, and.

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That’s why every time he played, the stadium was packed — you never knew what you were going to get.

The facilities were basic, to say the least — the Kooyong Stadium had a tiny locker room with a single shower and one toilet cubicle — but that jimny bother outside.

As I said, for Nasty, it was all about the women, scores of them, each more beautiful than the next. Then we moved on to what had become my favorite stop in London, the Playboy Club, a haven for every vice I ever had. Connors begins the book by writing about how his earliest and most influential coaches were his mother and grandmother, leading him to opine that he played “a woman’s game taught to a man.

I liked the parts about Jimmy’s family in East St. With their crazy scheduling — a tournament on the other side of the world over Christmas and New Year’s — the organizers struggled to attract top-class players and had identified me as a valuable draw.

I was trying to look out for both of our interests. My only regret is that I wasted a few days on this steaming manure pile – my bad! Highlights from Bill’s Conversation with Jimmy Connors: In the often claustrophobic, intense world of tennis, you can feel as though everything revolves around you, and her need to be the center of attention at all times became too much.


I knew it was a done deal, but I was still nervous as hell when I went down to see him in Fort Lauderdale.

That said, I found what seemed to be warts-and-all storytelling refreshing, and believe I gained a fairly thorough insight into who Connors is as a tennis player and as a person. Bill Thoughts on The Outsider: All play their part in a great read.

He tells you about his tennis career the hard work, the victories, the many injuries and the defeats. It is not and will not ever be the same. I would win 15 tournaments and lose only four matches out of Where were they breeding those things anyway?

Connors game was that of the ultimate scrapper. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Outsider: A Memoir

This is definitely a no holds barred memoir and if outisder ever pissed off Jimmy Connors, you are probably mentioned in this book. Courier out as U. The math doesn’t work. It’s amazing to think he actually faults himself for nothing.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I knew who she was — Mom and I had caught a ride to Coral Gables with Chris and her parents back in — and I wanted to get to know her better. Choosing Chrissie over, say, Spencer for practice sessions was a one-sided deal.

Jimmy Connors: ‘The Outsider’

Spencer and Himmy did their best to calm me down, and I know that without them I would have imploded and been on my way home long before I met another Australian, Phil Dent, in the finals. Arthur stayed cool throughout the whole tournament, but how he managed to concentrate on tennis I’ll never know. Nothing that he did was textbook. Connors, throughout his life, has been loyal to the ones he cared about, his family and many of his on-court rivals, many of whom became his close personal friends.


If you disliked Connors totally then you will not like this book. Jun 30, Virginia rated it did not like it.

Jimmy Connors Shows He’s Still ‘The Outsider’ | Only A Game

Then two tournaments later, I’d be doing exactly the same thing. Chrissie could be serious-minded and dedicated, but when she conors she was easy to be around, and I could make her laugh. There, as I faced Hewitt, the myth of Gloria Connors, the pushy stage mom who never let her son out of her sight, was born.

But I played the Australian Open only twice in my career, winning it in and losing to John Newcombe in the finals the following year, and I thought that was good enough.

However, the one f The Outsider is truly a reflection of its author. A Memoirand was asked if it was his mother planted the idea that he could become good enough to beat the best.