The modular ice cube machines with vertical evaporator are specially conceived for large scale users: fast food restaurants, discos, hotels and. ICEMATIC NM KG ICE MACHINE FOR SALE Cape Town, South Africa New price R @ Scotsman Serviced and regassed by Macbrothers Cont. Icematic NM ice machine & tray(bin) price negotable.

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Icematic N201M

Once entirely released the ice cubes drop simultaneously into the ice storage bin below; by doing so they move apart from the evaporator bottom end the plastic deflector. Voltage variations shoud not exceed ten percent.

Board switches the unit on harvest cycle whenever the freezing period gets longer icematix 30′ or 40′. With food grade silicone perfectly seal the edge between the freezing compartment of the upper machine and of the bottom machine so to avoid any possible leak of water through the clearence in between.

Level 2 Expert Answers.

Pressure Freeze Max Disch. However, suction pressure and compressor amps, will still decline as the machine freezes ice. Undersized wiring or unproperly installed electrical circuit will result in major problems and malfunctions.

Built-in relay on P. Neon 3 tube light box R For Sale 1.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The LED energized icwmatic Do you want to earn an extra income or just ad value to your existing business??? Icwmatic liquid refrigerant goes through the suction line into the heat exchanger where it boils-off so that only refrigerant vapor is drawn into the suction tube of the compressor.


Gemsy overlocker model GemD R 4 For Sale I am selling a Gemsy overlocker model Gem D still i good working condition for viewing please contact me for viewing Divan i am also on whatsapp Pretoria – Pretoria West 2 weeks ago. At the hermetic compressor, Refrigerant is compressed into a high temperature, high pressure gas. Compressor Contactor Located in the control box, the compressor contactor functions to carry the compressor line current. After 3 minutes, from the start up of the freezing cycle, the Water Inlet Valve is energised again for a short period to ifematic the sump with water till GB again to the max.

We are also iicematic at ourselves. Dec 30, The Kitchen Appliances – Others.

Check and tighten all bolts and screws. Get Insurance Get Insurance. Check cube size, adjust if required through setting screw of ice thickness control sensor. Brand new industrial upholstery sewing machinery Africa Sewing Machines R 7 For Sale Brand new Kingstar Single needle industrial upholstery sewing machinery now available.

At this point, the icematc initiates the defrost cycle.

You can use this powerful device to cle. Have the compressor holddown bolts been checked to be sure the compressor is snug on icemaic mounting pads. Board compressor relay open. Install a hand valve near the machine to control the water supply. Such refrigerant charge is the average charge for the Icematic Modular Cubers. Heavily chlorinated water can be controlled using charcoal or carbon filters.


Water clarity and purity.

Ice Bin Door Icematic NM Ice Machine – AS Catering Supplies

Junk Mail This site uses cookies. Icematic NM This item has been sold, view similar adverts below. Most of the water returns to the reservoir, to be sucked back into the pump, and repumped over the evaporator.

The control, functions as a precautionary device to shut OFF electrical power to Icemaker, should a loss of water occur to the water cooled Condenser or a burnt out of the fan motor on air cooled versions. Contact Andre Pretoria – Pretoria West 2 weeks ago.

This is why the suction side gauge pressure will decline throughout the freeze cycle.

SUPERSEDED Ice Sensor Icematic NM Ice Machine – AS Catering Supplies

FBRo Pretoria – Centurion 2 weeks ago. Has the cuber and the bin been wiped clean with clean damp cloths? Please activate your alert from the email you will receive to confirm sign up.

Remove board and check.