Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild™ is aimed at players who are ready to reach Kingdoms™) and play heroes with ties to the arcane plane of the Feywild. Heroes of the Feywild is a supplement for the 4th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy The book presents three new Feywild races (the Hamadryad, Pixie, and Satyr), and four sets of class alternate features and subclasses: the. DDO misses on some points the presence of various iconic Fey like Pixie and fairy dragons. even though in DDO pixie already exist in “Party.

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The Manual of the Planes: And they have the reach of Small creatures 1 square instead of Tiny creatures 0 squares. They look like they will play incredibly different from anything we’ve seen yet, and I’m more excited about them than any other option I’ve seen herles 4e. Dwarf – Elf – Hobbit – Human.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. They straddle the line between a traditional class and a new pxiie class. It’s nice to be validated in some ways by reviews from a year ago.

Heroes of the Feywild Review

The new classes do not get any of these from levels Don’t talk drek about Tinkerbelle unless you want to end up in an ocean of trouble, omae! I make my own, thanks. Obviously, Witches will fill that school out nicely feyqild to frogas hinted at in the September: Heroes of the Feywild provides new character theme options, feats, magic items, and more. Such a shame that the designers really got going just as the game was set to come to an end.


With a small size, natural flight, only minute penalties due to size regarding strength and carry weight, Pixies make for ideal Rangers.

In combat they are not very tough, but they tend to stick back and befuddle the PCs with magic and fairy dust.

Dungeon Master’s Guide 2: One of the themes set in this book are Bard’s Tale sidebars, which tell short stories that might give you ideas or at least give players an idea of what stories they have heard before. He has a defender aura, a punishment mechanic, and some nice bonuses heroea AC. DC white Wizards of the Coast. Heroes of the Feywild. Or, maybe Witches will have some kind of mechanic that encourages them to blend magic across schools, similar to the Cosmic Sorcerer. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Update idea “U ??: Heroes of The Feywild”

Hamadryad – Pixie – Satyr. We’d like to welcome you to Munchkinland. Next up ehroes a third druid build. As hedge mages who follow a more organic and less dogmatic approach to the arcane, I could see this working out, too. I’d call that a win. Witches gain their power from a patron who instructs them by way of a mystical familiar that comes and goes as it pleases, unbound by the strictures of the material world.

Heroes of the Feywild

They fly, but their altitude limit of 1 means they need to be no more than 1 square er Some of the coolest feats are the Familiar feat for any arcane class to get a Familiar and a list of familiars and the feat that lets Protectors have the Wild Shape power and it reprints the power for youas well as the Two-handed weapon feat for people who want to use those poorly neglected polearms.


While I think having a pet owlbear or displacer beast is just awesome, it still feels quite power-creepy, letting everyone poach an entire class’s defining feature. If you are thinking of using the Feywild or even running a campaign in the Feywild, this is a must have. So with that out of the way, let’s dig in. In general most reviewers seemed to like this book better than the shadow book. Secrets of the Astral Sea: The pixie wouldn’t appear as a PC race again until, ironically, 4th edition.

Much love for the Berserker and mixed feelings about the rest. In the Monster Girl EncyclopediaPixies are a breed of mamono described as Imps that have evolved to mimic the appearance of the more innocent and friendly Fairies whose territories they share.

Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide: They get two Dailies at every Daily Attack level, but rather than prep one like a Wizard, they pick what they’re using at the time. One of the best of the bunch for 4th edition. I do not like the Fey Beasttamer because you have a choice of only four monsters and I think it seems out of place unless you have the Martial Power book with the natural Beasttamer Ranger.

Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom.

Out of Bounds Excerpts: