Excerpts of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, published in Indian weekly This commission of Inquiry was appointed by the President of Pakistan in. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had only been in power for one week, when he asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rehman, to investigate the. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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Niazi enjoyed the same reputation at Sialkot and Lahore. That single report was handed over to the governmentwhich forbade its publication at the time.

This impression is fortified by the fact that at hamlod later stage even the selection of candidates for the by-elections ordered by General Yahya Khan was made by Maj Gen Farman Ali. Niazi during his appearance before us, and he naturally denied them.

Use Pakistani English from February All Wikipedia uamood written in Pakistani English Use dmy dates from February All articles with self-published sources Articles with self-published sources from October All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Niazi, who visited me in my office, that this was a commercial matter and should be left to the arrangements arrived at between PIA and Pan exporters.

Barguna Bhimnali Ketnar Bil Suryamani. Yale University Press, Jones.

According to the Commission General Mustafa’s offensive plan aimed at the capture of the Indian position of Ramgarh in the Rajasthan area Western Front was militarily unsound and haphazardly planned, and its execution resulted in severe cojmision of vehicles and equipment in the desert.

He could not annoy, the Martial Commisin Administrator Lt. The Commission examined nearly witnesses in total, hundreds of classified documents and military signals between East and West Pakistan.

Yahya Khan Tikka Khan S.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

Jamshed Khan, was also reported to have been involved in the misappropriation of currency. I was the sole authority to sanction from this fund and considering the circumstances under which this expenditure was made I had no intention to recommend recovery from persons concerned. Higher Direction of War”. When asked about his weakness for the fair sex, he replied, “I say no. Jamshed Khan in this behalf, and his reply is as under.


ud He did not display much respect for the civilian Governor, The Commission challenged the claims by Bangladeshi authorities that 3, Bengalis had been killed by the Pakistani military andwomen were raped. Many insightful recommendations were made by the Commission as it recommends to hold the public trial for the President General Yahya Khan, also the Commander-in-Chief and the chief martial law administrator of both East and Pakistan in western side.

The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Niazi also because of the unsettled conditions obtaining in the Wing.

H Ansari Witness NO. Bhutto replied that the report was missing; it was either lost, or stolen, and was nowhere to be found. The Commission feels that this appointment, before the completion of the inquiry and exoneration of the officer from any blame, was highly inadvisable on the part of the GHQ. Retrieved 22 August Even though the funds disbursed by him may not be auditable in ordinary circumstances, it would have been appropriate and advisable for him to supply such information as was possible for him to do in the circumstances once the question of the disposal of these funds had arisen on the basis of information supplied to the Commission by officers who heard of these transactions in East Pakistan and later in the prisoners of war camps.

Niaziand Rao Farman Ali all died in M Malikand the ministers appointed by him. The total sum involved was Rs.

Leaders Bangladesh Military M. Movement demanding trial of war criminals Shahbag protests. In s, the curiosity over the report grows with the News International revealing that the report was suppressed and was held secretly at the Joint Staff HQ in Rawalpindi.

The need for commandeering vehicles, foodstuffs, medicines and other essential supplies can certainly be appreciated, but this should have been done under a proper method of accounting so that compensation could be paid on return of normal conditions. I was not so before.


Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

Origins of the Bengali Revolution. I remember the first picture of the new Cabinet. Both the first and the supplementary report’s findings accused rehmzn Pakistan Army of carrying out the senseless and wanton arson, killings in the countryside, killing of intellectuals and professionals and burying them in mass graveskilling of officers of East Pakistan Army and soldiers on the pretence of quelling their rebellion, killing East Pakistani civilian officers, businessmen and industrialists, raping a large number of East Pakistani women as a deliberate act commmision revenge, retaliation and torture, and deliberate killing of members of the Hindu minority.

It was mandate to have a collective responsibility of national defence and mechanism of plans based on a joint objectives. One of the copies was given to President Bhutto Bhutto and the rest were either destroyed or were stolen. How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States: A Wahid Witness No.

Retrieved 23 August Gen Farman Ali was prominently visible sitting on the right side of the Governor, although he was not a member of the Cabinet.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 30 Marchat In the end, the commission opined in the report that the nation would learn the necessary lessons from these tragic events, and that effective and early action commmision be taken in the light of the conclusions reached. According to Major S.

Click here to download Acrobat Reader. The evidence of Officers repatriated from India leaves no doubt that this extensive and prolonged involvement of the Pakistan Army in Martial Law duties and civil administration had a disastrous effect on its professional and moral standards. Aziz Ahmad Khan Witness No.

This article is about the commission chaired by the Hamoodur Rahman. Retrieved 14 June H Ansari who had recorded some evidence, but could not complete the inquiry owing to the outbreak of war.