The compact Kjeldatherm block digestion systems allow for simultaneous multiple The comprehensive product range of Kjeldahl models made by Gerhardt. All manual KjelDAtherm systems (Kb systems) are equip- range of Kjeldahl models made by C. gerhardt includes the compact KjelDAtherm block dige-. Gerhardt Kjeldatherm Block Digestion Unit SMA / COD Automatic System ( CSB20A / SMA20A)Kjelda therm digestion block KB20 made of.

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The motorized multi-level console KT-L enables convenient and safe lifting and lowering of the loaded rack. New EU regulation enter into force kjeldathrm January An excess temperature protection as well as an excess current switch are now part of the standard equipment. Best in class for Kjeldahl digestion. Electronic control unit Analog heating plate Gerhardt laboratory digester Thermo-mixer Bench-top thermo-mixer Laboratory extractor Digital thermo-mixer Laboratory thermo-mixer Gerhardt distillation system Gerhardt automatic distillation system Automatic laboratory extractor Laboratory dryer Gerhardt kjeldatuerm distillation system Glassware dryer Soxhlet laboratory extractor Fiber laboratory extractor COD digester Bench-top laboratory shaker Digital laboratory shaker Orbital laboratory shaker.

KJELDATHERM® block digestion unit

In this time the user can perform other important tasks. KG – Kjeldatherm – Block digestion units. All functions are controlled by the TZ-controller For an overview of our controllers please click here The comprehensive product range of Kjeldahl models made by Gerhardt includes digestion systems for Kjeldahl digestions in ml, ml, and ml tubes. A precise temperature control permits the conditions for the digestions to be optimized thus providing reproducible results.

  ISO 18113 PDF

The European Commission has put on hold plans to increase maximum authorised mercury level in fish. External controller Kjeldatherm-automatic When using the automatic digestion systems the handling of the insert rack and manifold is done with the help of the lift-motor.

The cover plate around the heating block as well as all other relevant parts are provided with a special coating.

Best in class for Kjeldahl digestion

This has a positive impact on the safe operation of the Kjeldatherm and at the same time, saves horizontal bench space. We are pleased to help: Highest quality for high demands. The data are documented in accordance with QM standards, e. KG website for more information. The kje,datherm Kjeldatherm block digestion systems allow for simultaneous multiple digestions.

An excess temperature protection as well as an excess current switch are part of the standard equipment.

Another innovation is the individually adjustable heating capacity which allows for greater flexibility during digestion of difficult samples. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw gdrhardt prices or exchange rates. EU agrees on maximum cadmium level in fertilisers. Reproducible, transparent and traceable digestion acc.


Gerhardt digestion blocks are perfectly adapted to the needs of accredited laboratories and ensure the validity and reproducibility of the analysis results by automating and documenting the process steps.

For the fully automatic programming we recommend the temperature-time-controller TZ. See the complete list of deadlines! The successor models KT and KT-L for up to 40 simultaneous Kjeldahl digestions replace the proven digestion system KB and convince with unique product characteristics and functions.

View the catalog Go to the C. The construction All digestion blocks consist of the following components: The self-explanatory symbols also facilitate the operation.

Different models available up to the top model, the KT-L, which is a future-proof investment through state-of-the-art technology.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition. An all-round heat shield is used to prevent injuries even in a bustling laboratory day. Reproducible, transparent and traceable digestion acc.

Energy efficient heating and insulation to retain heat within the block and to protect the user. Standard Kjeldahl methods are predefined and can be operated by the user easily.