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The British activities of fighting Islam are well known and are not a new thing. In the midst of the surge, the KDF’s problems in southern Somalia were small compared to the struggles emerging back home in Kenya.

New issue of the magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 8″

They are sowing a seed of hatred amongst them, their leaders and followers. Ask yourself why they want to be with you and not others.

For earlier issues see: The reason was a mere fabrication to validate their attack on Islam. The recent London Conference on Somalia was sponsored by Britain.

Kenya at war: Al-Shabaab and its enemies in Eastern Africa | African Affairs | Oxford Academic

Worst of all for Kenya’s security forces, in a highly charged incident within the shopping mall on the second day, a fire-fight developed between the GSU Recce Unit and soldiers of the KDF — who had only been deployed that Sunday morning. Operation Linda Uislam Operation protect Islam.

When, in MayMadobe gaidu himself head of a new Jubaland state, claiming to have local support, Mogadishu refused to recognize his claim — seeing these events as nothing more than clan factionalism. His body was later identified in Kilifi mortuary.

Since the Kenyan capture of the port, new charcoal supplies have gairi in, mostly from the Badade district along the Kenya border. It is sad that other nations are using the Somalia situation to advance their economic development instead of helping Somalia back to peace by strengthening Islam because Somalia was peaceful when it was under Islamic rule.


Like Madobe, Hiiraale is a man with an interesting past.

New issue of Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn’s magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 9″

The resilience of Al-Shabaab presents the key challenge: Since at leastthe Kenyans had advanced a plan to infiltrate southern Somali with trained militia to undermine Al-Shabaab’s influence and build an internal force against them. Al-Shabaab intends to take its fight across the region to Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda, so a greater eastern African perspective must be kept in mind. From the beginning of the invasion, there was awareness that Al-Shabaab had the potential to mount retaliatory attacks in Kenya.

The spy will always claim to be busy with either studies or a job. If you carefully look at what is going on in Kenya and Somalia then you will vividly understand the real intention.

Citing articles via Web of Science For example he may claim to be a college student and you may see him in a cyber cafe or the mosque during class hours. The following draws upon: These modern developments are depicted as a continuation of corrupt dealings between a rentier state and foreign colonial powers, and several essays in Gaidi Mtaani skilfully link Al-Shabaab’s current conflict with the independence struggle against British colonialism.

Mombasa’s Muslim leaders admit they struggle to control the younger elements, alienated by years of discrimination and marginalization within Kenya.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. The architecture of the charcoal business has remained intact, therefore, beyond the fall of Kismayo, although its revenues are now divided three ways — between Al-Shabaab, the Ras Kamboni forces who run the port of Kismayo, and the Kenya business interests facilitated by the KDF.


Your comment will be reviewed and published at the journal’s discretion. The first of these took place within days of the KDF’s invasion, with grenade and IED blasts in Garissa, attacks on police posts and checkpoints around Mandera, and explosions in the Dadaab refugee camp.

Niger falls back off track. The purge leaves Al-Shabaab as a mfaani, but not necessarily weaker movement. The final assault, Operation Sledge Hammer, commenced at dawn on 28 September with an amphibious landing on Kismayo’s northern beach — nearly a year after the Kenyans first crossed the border.

New issue of the magazine: “Gaidi Mtaani Issue 8″

Mtaanl seemed an obvious Al-Shabaab target. The first issue was published in Apriland up to November four issues have been produced. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.

Gaidi Mtaani Issue 4. As with all guest posts, the opinions expressed below are those of the guest authors and they do not represent the views of this websites administrator. But then Kenya’s Mtaahi Kenyatta declared that the attack had nothing to do with Al-Shabaab, but was the product of local politics. As a consequence, it remains unclear how many attackers there were and whether some escaped.

gaudi This includes photographs taken at funerals of two soldiers. As Paul Williams notes, these offensive actions accurately reflected the reality of what was needed on the ground. We are trying to make the reader to understand how the Islamic religion was joked about. Claire McEvoy, Shifting priorities: This has been elaborated with greatest clarity by Matt Bryden.