Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual. Uploaded by. Zeynel Ulusoy. USA- E* AC SPINDLE DRIV TROUBLESHOOTING, i A D V A N C E D AND . Hi Guys, I Replaced the power supply (SF-PW) on this spindle drive about 3 months ago and it was working fine for the last 3 months. For the. Mitsubishi vector Inverter Motor (SF-V5RU Series), English, , MB. FR -A/F/E/D SERIES TECHNICAL MANUAL, English,

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Encoder Magnesensor Angle from which creep speed starts is set. Your quality CncDriveDoctors Mitsubishi rebuild will have a. However, depending on the orientation position and posi- tion shift parameter PST being set from the outside, the spindle rotates for 1 or more turns. Troubleshooting If any trouble occurs, before checking the freqorl, make sure to read and follow the contents of Table 1.

Do not change the parameter value. Find and Buy online the model required on your Machine-Tools. This parameter value should be set in the manner that the ratio of 37 55 23 VKI -n loop the speed loop to the proportional 0 gr-sf integral type gain VKP becomes nearly constant. The following cable con- o Check the wire breakage or D Replace the signal cable nections are defective.


The servo rigidity is weak. Note 2 An example of display is as follows: In EMG, in-Position encoder output is not held.

Axis specifica- 10 – 20 Sets the position loop gain in the synchro- tag-g Standard set- nous tapping. An instantaneous power o In the same manner as the o See the alarm No.


Mitsubishi FR-SF

The motion balance of o Check that the motor signi- o Replace the motor with a new 2 the motor is bad. See Appendix 6 l. SF-TL card or SF-CA card The backlash frerqol the o In the multiple point orien- o Decrease the backlash of the portion where the en- tation operation, check that portion where the encoder is coder is mounted is the stop position of the for- mounted. How much life can be left on an aged, unknown drive?.

freqrrol The data during orientation stop can be also changed. Check your electrical manual. At the time, when is not linked dle the bus line has not been through the bus: J No power is supplied I from NC. The motor selection o Check that the parameters are 0 Correctly set the para- 4 parameters Ol greqrol correctly set by referencing meters.

CSl marks the setting value of the rotary dreqrol with o. If the items for ii to vi cannot be adjusted on the printed circuit board which is mounted on the motor, replace the board with a new one and try to adjust the same items. Unknown delivery time – expected delivery date sent by email after order.

The parameters to AP have been set at factory.

See Appendixes and l Normally, the Ki magnification should be the same as the Kp magnification. OO 0 – 0 – 39 deg deg Orientation The orientation speed is set. I figured must be freqfol transformer again so I checked them but they seemed ok. Sets the zero return direction before the synchronous tapping.

ILoad meter output 1ov 1: Performs gr-sf zero return at the beginning of the synchronous Spindle para- TYP tapping. In stock 5 days – Usually ships in business days. The speed of the spindle D In the same manner as the 0 In the same manner as the motor deviates for 10 step 1 of Section 2.


A marked parameters are those being set by Mitsubishi. I got the transistors on ebay from Malyasia, only thing was that they weren’t new they were used for sure I’ll chase that guy about that.

Motion A – The base shut-off occurs in the controller, the main circuit COntaCtor is turned off, and the motor stops in the free-run state. On the other hand, other alarm Nos. Stay connected with the rest of our community and get the latest on our CNC parts, Technical support, Technical tips, Automation news, Industry news, and get exclusive deal alerts or coupon code.

When pressing the n switch once Note 2 again, data rewrite operation is It is possible to press the pushbutton completed. The cable connections 3 Visually check the cable con- 3 Correctly connect the between the amplifier nections. See Appendixes l-l and 6 l. Note The parameter 00 is valid just after 1 is set. The gear rate is set Number of gear by the number of gear – – – teeth on spin- teeth on the spindle dle side. When the equipment is linked with the NC using the bus.