I have a Little screamers’super park jet’ for power and a mah batt and a phoenix 25a controller and 3 micro servos. Other specs are 33inch. You are not likely to find a foamy jet any bigger than this! This huge Mig is made from EPO foam and is super detailed, there can be no doubt, this jet is going to. do à un en r n foaming; frothing, howering; scumming, skimming. €5 d, a u mig, adj. foaming, frothing, foamy. frothy; sójáuntige6 85ter beer that slowers. € d, at m .

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My designs don’t use a rudder Send a private message to Free Bird. I designed and drew foamyy Mig 21 to fit the fan in CAD.

Scratch-built foamy mig-25

I like the thing so much that my flying buddy have taking everyones advice and we have decided to kit it. Built Log – P Thunderbolt scratch foamy.

Apr 30, Long before the electric park flier was even dreamed of Point being it was a flat plate profile model of a jet that used the Jedelsky airfoil.


We have formed a company, Jets N Stuff to market it. I think that would be a killer foamy.

Since every thing but the servos are quickly removable, I’ve stripped it down for painting. Mig 29 park flyer foamie.

Wow, thats a new way of doing things, use a BT rocket tube to mount the fan! Plan to fly it in a few days. Hairypharter Dude you are so full of bull.

Send a private message to Airforce7.

I have caught it in my hand on landing several times, but most of the time I “Harrier foqmy it at the flying field with no forward motion. Shove a tube in place of a box, and call it your own designs May 02, I’m sure there were others making foamies before Teerific.

Flat Foamy Mig – RC Groups

Another happy Mig driver! Apr 12, It’s nice to have the option to choose the power plant. Good news img all you Alfa Fan owners with no place to put the fan anymore! I would have like to have sent you this as a private message Do you have a history here on RCU? The “cheapie” ESC works very well.


It’s the first one built from doamy kit. Also this is a flat foamy so it gets real small real fast. Hence, my Lear was a rubber powered free flight model built to prove the concept for a possible larger model. Feb 11, We are stocking the 56mm units balanced and ready to run along with the Castle Phoenix 25 and Thunderbird 36 speed controls to go with them Tailwinds, John.

Its nice to fly something that isn’t so fragile. With that low drag air frame, it looks like it should rip! Is this a pusher or EDG type? Weight at 26ozs, it should be a screamer considering i have 35ozs of thrust. The mig was nice and tame after I reset the control throw to the recommended setup. I sure don’t like the ‘green’ fan fold foam, depron and bluecore has a much smoother finish.

Apr 10, I’m still working on the A