The EOSINT M is a industrial 3D printer by EOS. Read our EOS EOSINT M review for full specs, price and rating. The EOSINT M is a metal 3D printer made by German company EOS. EOS are one of the oldest 3D printing companies, having been in the 3D printing. The EOSINT M is an updated and further improved version of the EOSINT M , the leading system on the market for the additive manufacturing of metal.

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Staff may els access or place additional restrictions on use of this equipment on a per-use or per-person basis. Different laser-exposure strategies can be used to create either hard or soft components. Laser-sintering accelerates product development and optimizes production processes. Because laser-sintering is an additive manufacturing process, it can easily build complex geometries such as those for dental prostheses, orthopedic implants, and personalized cutting and drilling guides that reduce surgical and patient recovery times.

Customers can either use the pre-qualified EOS parameter sets or develop and modify their own. The EOS M operates in protective nitrogen as well as argon atmospheres.

This allows the system to process a wide range of materials: These can be added at any time. We know his 30 years of experience will serve our customers well as they look to us els their manufacturing needs. The material is also well suited for additive manufacturing applications such as spectacle frames or functional elements in yachts.

EOS EOSINT M review – 3D printer

We know his 30 years of experience will m2800 our customers well as they look to us for their manufacturing needs. For the Watt option new, faster parameter sets with corresponding Part Property Profiles will be introduced.

Additive manufacturing AM technologies can reduce costs and lead-times while enhancing product performance. Share on Google Plus Share. Since then EOS has continuously updated and further developed this product line. Subscribe to this RSS feed.


In the hybrid process, complex parts are produced by building additional material on top eoos a prefabricated part. As an industrial manufacturing process it allows the fast and flexible production of high-end parts based on 3D CAD data at a repeatable industry level of quality.

The system is equipped with a watt fibre laser.

Validation of EOS M280 and EOS 290 machines

Volkswagen Toolmaking opens a highly advanced 3D center. In addition to introducing a DMLS system that is focused on the needs of manufacturers, EOS is also exhibiting recently developed metal and plastic materials for specialized industrial uses: The technology fuses metal powder into a solid part by melting it locally using a focused laser beam.

We use cookies to make this website work better for you and to track site visits anonymously OK. This significantly reduces filter costs. The distinctive features of the EOSINT M system are the quality of the parts it produces and the ergonomically designed peripherals.

The parts are built up additively layer by layer. Extensive monitoring features take quality management to a new level and comply with the requirements of industrial production. Material properties such as high tensile strength, excellent processability and good corrosion resistance make this super alloy highly suited for use in aerospace, chemical, motor sport and marine industry applications.

EOS offers a modular solution portfolio including systems, software, materials and material development as well as services maintenance, training, specific application consulting and support. For more information visit: The technology can also make lightweight porous solids or rough surfaces that promote bone growth.


It also has a lower refresh rate ratio of new to re-used powderoffering cost savings and environmental dos. For more information visit www. The company employs people worldwide, of them in Krailling near Munich, Germany. In the aerospace industry, EOS StainlessSteel is a good choice for the manufacture of clamping elements or heat exchangers.


EOS was founded in and is today the world-leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems. It also supports processes both under nitrogen gas atmosphere, created by compressed air via an integrated nitrogen generator, as well as 2m80 argon gas. As a result, stable melting behaviour is ensured even over long periods of time and with higher laser power.

Constant monitoring of the eow ensures that all components are produced in excellent, reproducible quality. Parameters such as position of z axis, laser power, scanner position, humidity, temperature and pressure are monitored continuously.

Laser-sintering is the key technology for e-Manufacturing, the fast, flexible and cost-effective production dos products, patterns and tools. The EOS booth will feature a broad array of existing products and prototypes in plastics and metals.

It accelerates product development, offers freedom of design, optimizes part structures, ,280 enables lattice structures as well as functional integration. As a disruptive technology it paves the way for a paradigm shift in product design and manufacturing. This is particularly interesting for hybrid part building, a concept which EOS introduced in the s for prototype tooling.

Looking at new possibilities in the additive manufacturing market with 4D printing. Founded in and headquartered in Germany, EOS is the technology and market leader for design-driven, integrated e-Manufacturing solutions for Eps Manufacturing AMan industrial 3D printing process.

A camera integrated into the process chamber monitors the powder bed by taking single images — after recoating and after exposure.

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