Ensoniq Mirage () – Digital Sampling Keyboard – classic unit 61 keys: tiny kb Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 manual · service manual, demo, comments. A resource for Ensoniq Mirage samplers. Files for download. Editors, sounds and manuals. Ensoniq: ensoniq mirage dsk 1 dsk 8 service manual.

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Table Of Contents Mirage that will take you to an intermediate level of hat will take you to an intermediate level of sophistication. Formatted diskettes which you can create yourself using the Formatting Program that came with the Mirage have mahual same set-up as Ensoniq Sound Diskettes.

Got it, continue to print. I am not sure. If you’ve selected the You’re now ready to begin to sample wavesample l.

When using the Mirage in stereo, connect this jack to one channel of your mixer and mjrage that channel left.

The is a compressed ZIP file. Page 47 on the even wavesamples. Page 30 The basic sampling process is not much more nesoniq than making a good quality audio tape copy. The hardware itself cannot make any sound. By itself, the hardware won’t make hardware and software.

The Advanced Sampler’s Guide examines the capabilities of the Mirage in great detail. Some of the benefits of MIDI include the ability to “remote control” Each one can store three sounds, Sliding the write-protection tab in the lower left corner of the diskette so that the window is closed will allow you to store information on the diskette. Page 37 The digits 0 through 9 represent themselves. You can speed up or slow down the playback of the sequence by changing the value of parameter 87 see Selecting and Changing a Parameter.


This manual is a simple and. In digital sampling, the signal is stored as bits of computer information.

Ensoniq: ensoniq mirage dsk 1 dsk 8 service manual

Digital sampling uses sophisticated digital circuitry and eventually, computer diskettes to store the signal. It will assume the disk to be a DD k disk. Page 39 The MIDI standard allows for a wide range of communication between instruments not to mention computers of all different makes and models. A soft touch will yield the mix set by param 34, and a hard touch will favor oscillator 2.

The program not written by myself assumes the disk file you wish to write will be automatically be in drive A: Play the sound The Mirage is now sampling the sound.

Plus, the Mirage DSK features the added enhancement of stereo circuitry. This process is called saving.

Page 3 This process is called saving. It can be used to make each program of a keyboard half play an entirely different sound. By using key velocity to control the balance PARAM 35a soft sound will be heard when keys are depressed slowly and a hard sound will be heard when keys are depressed firmly.

Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 Manuals

To do that, you’ll need a blank Formatted Diskette. The Mirage has a great many performance features that will make. Once a sound is loaded ams with it. But, in addition, the Ensoniq Mirage DMS-8 will permit you to sample just about any sound you hear and create music with it. Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. If you’ve selected the lower keyboard half lower keyboard half and checked the input level, all you’ll have to do is play the sound to be sampled.


It is important not to alter this carrier in any way. Page 10 To run the Mirage in mono connect this jack to your mixer or amplifier.

Mirage is a very logical instrument and we’ve presented the information about it in a. Parameter 35 controls how much the balance changes with velocity, with one exception. A waveform that has been sampled into the Mirage memory.

All the sounds ever developed for the Mirage will play on the Ensoniq Mirage DMS-8, including the popular Ensoniq Sound Diskette Library, which covers the full range of musical instruments and other effects. When nothing is plugged into the Right Output, all audio will be routed to dnsoniq output.

Ensoniq Corporation – Mirage – Musician’s Manual

The sampling parameters deal with getting the sound from its source into the Mirage memory. Sign in Already have an account? The disks in RED are manula boot too. The Ensoniq Mirage DMS-8 allows you to personally program sounds like many synthesizers and also features an on-board sequencer. It has gone on to become the most popular sampler ever made. Using the Formatting Diskette.