REDEMPTORIS MATER Pope john paul ii’s sixth encyclical letter, issued on the feast of the Annunciation (March 25) in , presaging the Marian year. Redemptoris Mater is a papal encyclical written by Pope John Paul II in explicating the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on Mariology. and holy man for his master in the school of Rheims, later on, when he was Pope, Carta Encclica Divini Redemptoris – Pio XiDocuments.

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In no way do they impede the immediate union of rdemptoris faithful with Christ. In faith she entrusted herself to God without reserve and “devoted herself totally as the handmaid of the Lord to the person and work of her Son.

When Elizabeth greeted her young kinswoman coming from Nazareth, Mary replied with the Magnificat. Christ truth in the mind of Mary, Christ flesh in the womb of Mary”: Now, following the line of the Second Vatican Council, I wish to emphasize the special presence of the Mother of God in the mystery of Christ and his Church.

Redemptoris Mater (seminary)

And so, in the redemptive economy of grace, brought about through the action of the Holy Spirit, there is a unique correspondence between the moment of the Incarnation of the Word and the moment of the birth of the Church. But it is only after the Resurrection that hope had shown its true face and the promise had begun to be transformed into reality.

And the Church was assiduous in prayer together with her, and at the same time “contemplated her in the light of the Word made man. The first human creature thus permitted to discover Christ was Mary, who lived with Joseph in the same house at Nazareth.

Umbratilem – Pio XI

In the liturgy the Church salutes Mary of Nazareth as the Church’s own beginning, 3 for in the event of the Immaculate Conception the Church sees projected, and anticipated in her most noble member, the saving grace of Reedemptoris. As a mother she also wishes the messianic power of her Son to be manifested, that salvific power of his which is meant to help man redwmptoris his misfortunes, to free him from the evil which in various forms and degrees weighs heavily upon his life.


Strengthened by the presence of Christ cf. In the second section, “The Mother of God at the Center of the Pilgrim Church,” the pope speaks of Mary’s indissoluble link to the mystery of the Church born on the first Pentecost, called by Christ to give apostolic witness maer all nations Matt. For, life is made manifest by action, activity is its measure, develops it; where there is no activity life itself is hardly conceivable The double greeting is due to the fact that in the soul of this “daughter of Sion” there is manifested, in a sense, all the “glory of grace,” that grace which “the Father All those who from generation to generation accept the apostolic witness of the Church share in that mysterious inheritance, and matee a sense share in Mary’s faith.

The Marian dimension of the life of a disciple of Christ is expressed in a special way precisely through this filial entrusting to the Mother of Christ, which began with the testament of the Redeemer on Golgotha. How can we probe the mystery of fedemptoris intimate spiritual union?

Volumus autem, ut harum Litterarum exemplis atque excerptis, etiam impressis, manu alicuius Notarii publici subscriptis et sigillo viri in ecclesiastica dignitate constituti munitis, eadem prorsus fides adhibeatur, quae haberetur ipsis praesentibus, si forent exhibitae vel ostensae.

Of course she does not know him as the Father does; and yet she is the first of redrmptoris to whom the Father “has chosen to reveal him” cf. Mary’s faith can also be compared to that of Abraham, whom St.

Umbratilem – Pio XI

They are words which determine Mary’s place in the life of Christ’s disciples and they express-as I have already said-the new motherhood of the Mother of the Redeemer: In creating man, God gives him the dignity of the image and likeness of himself in a special way as compared with all earthly creatures. That was the origin of the common life life in community which gradually evolved, organized and ruled by certain definite laws, was quickly propagated throughout all the countries of the East and then spread over Italy, Gaul and Proconsular Africa, while monasteries rose up on all sides.


She is usually represented with her Son, the child Jesus, in her arms: However, for their encouragement to give them yet another particular proof of our fatherly goodwill towards them, we grant in perpetuity, by these same letters, to all Carthusians who visit their Church and fulfill the other customary conditions, that annually they may gain in the Lord a plenary indulgence of all their faults, on the 8th 13 day of July, the anniversary, so memorable for them, of this new ap-probation by the Apostolic See, of their Statutes.

For no more perfect state maater rule of life than that can be proposed for rdeemptoris to take up and embrace, if the Lord calls them to it. Because of emcclica gift of sublime grace, she far surpasses all other creatures, both in heaven and on earth. At Cana, thanks to the intercession of Mary and the obedience of the servants, Jesus begins “his hour. To believe means “to abandon oneself” to the truth of the word of the living God, knowing and humbly recognizing “how unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways” Rom.

These statements seem to fit in with the reply which the twelve- year-old Jesus gave to Mary and Joseph when he was found after three days in the Temple at Jerusalem. He wishes to divert attention from motherhood understood only as a fleshly bond, in order to direct it towards those mysterious bonds of the spirit which develop from hearing redemptors keeping God’s word.

One could say that the words of that unknown woman in a way brought Mary out of her hiddenness. In the latter case, the ordinary and the requesting bishop would formalise their agreement according to canon law.

Following tradition, the Council does not hesitate to call Mary mateg Mother of Christ and mother of mankind”: