Liebert Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) for the Single Module The Series UPS has been designed for Commercial/Industrial use only. Single Phase UPS system S i n g l e m o d u l e a n d ‘1 + N’ (e x p a n d a b l e) UNINTERRUPTIBLEPOWERSYSTEM User Manual EMERSON Network Power. Single phase ups system • Read online or download PDF • Emerson User Manual.

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When this switch is pressed, the lower line of the LCD Display shows the battery voltage and current. Gain full access to the UPS interior by opening its internal hinged safety panel.

Operator Control Panel 1. LS7 alarm should extinguish. Close the input isolator immediately the DC busbar voltage falls to V note that at V the battery circuit breaker will trip and the emersoon will transfer to bypass. Note that during this procedure the load will be unprotected against mains supply disturbances once the inverter s has been switched off. The batteries are connected to the UPS through a circuit breaker which is manually closed and electronically tripped via the UPS control circuitry.

It is used to connect the battery ejerson the UPS in Installations where the batteries are not contained in the standard battery cabinet.

Shut down the UPS following the recommended operating procedure. Thoroughly clean inside the equipment enclosure using a vacuum cleaner and low pressure air to remove any foreign debris. When starting a redundant module system the load is transferred from the bypass to the inverter of the first module as soon as the first module is started and its inverter is brought on line.

Thoroughly clean inside of the equipment enclosure using a vacuum cleaner and low pressure air to remove any foreign debris. The supply is rated to approximately 10 watts and hence can be tapped from any suitable source.

On each module – Open the battery circuit breaker followed by the input Isolator and Static Bypass Isolator if separate. Input isolator is closed.


Three Phase Black White Emerson 7400 M Series UPS 30Kva, Commercial

Under normal circumstances both modules are operational and share the load current equally; but if one module develops a fault, or is shut down, the second module is able to take over the full load demand and continue to provide it with processed, backed-up power.

Measure and record the battery float charge voltage. This is the normal response of the boost charge facility: The RAM is required to be mounted vertically. When using mains-powered test equipment such as oscilloscopes in the UPS voltage area, always use a differential mode of operation to disconnect the oscilloscope frame earth.

The cable connection details for the same are given in figures 15 — Figure 19 shows the details of the power and control cable connections between the circuit breaker box and UPS itself. If a reverse current is detected the inverter on the affected module is immediately shut down and load transferred to the bypass supply depending on the system redundancy configuration.

Sealed, maintenance-free batteries are normally used in this type of installation. Pressing the reset push button cancels the audible warning but the alarm indications remain until the condition is rectified. Verify that the UPS room satisfies the environmental conditions stipulated in the equipment specification, paying particular attention to the ambient temperature and air exchange system.

In a Redundant Module dmerson LS5 will not illuminate on the second module to be started as its static bypass line is inhibited. LS3 – Bypass supply OK: Carry out a thorough examination of the UPS power components and sub-assemblies, paying particular attention to emersob following Electrolytic capacitors – Check for signs of leakage, buckling etc.

To provide a clean no-break load transfer between the inverter output and static bypass line, the inverter output and bypass supply must be fully synchronised during normal operating conditions. Such a condition can arise if a module develops an internal power fault or if for some reason the two modules become unbalanced, and is liable to further damage the module and ejerson degrade the load supply.


In addition to the D-type connectors, the AS Interface Board also contains a number of volt-free relays whose contacts provide a emmerson set of volt-free alarm outputs that are connected to terminal block M1 -as shown in figure The following information aims to provide a trained user with sufficient knowledge to understand the nature of a fault through the correct interpretation of the accompanying alarms and eemrson, and to carry out any necessary first aid repair action.

Check that the UPS mains supply and bypass supply, if separate is turned on externally. Connect one-plus-one parallel control ribbon cables between the Parallel Interface boards of both modules. It also disables the rectifier and inverter, and trips the battery circuit breaker.

Emerson m 【 OFFERS December 】 | Clasf

If the UPS has not operated on battery power within the previous ten hours the battery charge current should be typically less than 6A. Post ads for free Login Register How to partner with Clasf.


These precautions should be followed implicitly at all times. Also check battery fuses. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. It is our constant endeavour to partner you for the growth and success of your business. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Side entry is made possible by removing blanking pieces fitted in the side ventilation grills to reveal the cable entry holes. The battery circuit breaker will open automatically if the dc voltage falls below this level.

LS6 – Load on Inverter: If this type of battery is used in your installation you may notice that the battery charger voltage will be greater than its nominal Vdc when the mains supply returns from a prolonged outage. If an overtemperature condition arises, the audible alarm will accompany this message – the inverter stops and load transfers to bypass after 3 minutes.