Gavin said: ‘The Pale Fox’ is one of those seminal books that has had a Robert KG Temple has an amazing book about this because the Dogon have based. This film tells with verve and a touch of self-irony the history of research on the Dogon since the famous expedition of Marcel Griaule. The film establishes . The Dogon are an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of Mali, in West Africa, south Le renard pâle. 1. Paris: Institut The Pale Fox. Translated by.

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It spins and scatters all particles of matter in a sonorous and luminous motion, yet remains inaudible and invisible. The traditional dama consists of a masquerade that essentially leads the souls of the departed to their final resting places through a series of ritual dances and rites.

It streams into the heavens following the celestial landscape created by the strong gravitational fields of Sirius B. The Sigui re-establishes the bond of the Fish-people who foxx their Divine Self to their homeland across the waters – Sirius. The Sigui is performed every 60 year when the Planets Jupiter and Saturn fxo aligned.

What is the meaning of their mythic systems, insofar as they resemble contemporary representations of scientific phenomena from DNA to mitosis? Ogo decided to rebel from Amma.

Uses editors parameter link. The yingim and the fos rituals each last a few days. To re-establish order and purify creation of Ogo’s transgression, Amma decided to sacrifice one of the completed Nommo twins – Nommo Semi.


I really dig dean youngs poems they are very psychological They were also described as fish capable of walking on land; while they were on land, the Nummo stood upright on their plae. The Dogon language family is internally highly diverse, and many varieties are not mutually intelligible, actually amounting to some 12 dialects and 50 sub-dialects.

My guess is that this grand conjunction will probably occur on the First Helical Rising of Sirius after the equinox sunrise occurs doyon Aquarius as the dogom backdrop. Then the Dogon who has entered the contact repeats the ritual, asking the resident how his or her whole family is.

They came forth with Eight grains, including millet, black rice, chickpea, and sorghum. Nearby is a cave where music instruments are stored. Oberg points out a number of errors contained in the Dogon beliefs, including the number of moons possessed by Jupiterthat Saturn was the furthest planet from the sun, and the only planet with rings. He wears white clothes and nobody is allowed to touch him.

the pale fox « fugitive philosophy

According to this oral tradition, the first Dogon settlement was established in the extreme southwest of the escarpment at Kani-Na. This theme became a significant basis of the Dogon religion. He paoe elected from among the oldest men of the extended families of the village. She returns to her home at night. A virgin who has not yet had her period takes care of him, cleans the house and prepares his meals.


Archived from the original on 15 February Mark marked it as to-read Jun 18, It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow. It is ‘sacrificing’ its hydrogen by feeding it to Sirius B. The virgin is replaced by one of his wives, and digon also returns to her home at night. Dec 12, Gavin White rated it really liked it Shelves: Dogon languagesFrench. Azikiwe marked it as to-read Mar 12, In heaven, it reorganized space and the cycles foxx time in our solar system.

Tracking the Pale Fox: Studies on the Dogon

The Nommo are the first beings created by Amma, and they are amphibious celestial creatures. The Dogon say that our Sun – whom they call Nay – is the stolen placenta, and that planet Earth is the rebel-world established by Ogo.

Nancy Darlene Hubenet rated it really liked it Feb 13, Amma felt that Ogo must be stopped from creating more chaosas well as punished for its misdeeds.

The circumcision is a reason for celebration and the initiated boys go around and receive presents. They also raise sheep, goats, and chickens.