Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, The lands of Tellene defined in the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting . Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, and Dungeon Master are trademarks owned by. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is an official D&D campaign setting by Kenzer & Company. Originally published as an unofficial setting for AD&D in , the d20 . Kingdoms of Kalamar, the first in Kenzer and Company’s Official Dungeons .. It continues to be a generic setting with bits of D&D shoehorned in to fill up space.

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As I was paging through this site I realized that most every supplement has someone who loves it see my review of Oriental Adventures but that people would probably be better served by hearing a bit about some supplements they could do without.

DnDWiki:Kingdoms of Kalamar

The treatment of deities is different in KoK than in most other campaign settings. This is followed by a small chapter on prominent organizations in the setting. Each nation averages two to four one-page city write-ups, with the exception of those nations who lack kalamad than one city.

Similar with other races that have physical stats. What races live on Tellene?

Kingdoms of Kalamar: What is it and does it suck?

Chapters two through seven are descriptions of major areas of Tellene, again focusing on the human kingdoms. True, this is simply one minor detail, but when you consider that this kind of consistency exists throughout all aspects of the world, you’ll see how it makes sense, avoiding logical inconsistencies without sacrificing any excitement or adventure. F&d be up to the DM how to flesh out these groups. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

I was expecting to pick this book up and discover another version, if you will, of the “Forgotten Realms”, my favourite setting at that time.


Kingdoms of Kalamar

The third is dedicated to laws, and the fourth to armies. The fifth is just a country chart, the six a nomenclature chart names of people in various countriesand the 7th and last is a chart of important NPCs. Tokis is another of Kalamar’s vassal states, suffering through economic instability while it is increasingly urged to defeat Pekal.

Worth every d&c and every moment you spend reading it — kalama if you don’t plan to play in Kalamar. It would have been nice if even this amount had been devoted to more information about the races themselves. It’s basically a setting book, similar to the Dragonlance book.

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The world does hang together pretty well in spite of the blandness, and the DM will merely have to work a bit harder if he wants to add adventuring sites, old civilizations, etc. There’s a metamagic feat that removes the saving throw from a spell.

Climate of Tellene details the climates of each of the major regions of Kalamsr and the effect that has had on agriculture and commerce. The worst offenders though are that sometimes NPCs don’t seem to be referenced in the back or information isn’t complete.

Not really, in scale or power, or even size it’s just one continent or so. Views Read Edit View history. Even then, most of the 3. Most of the Young Kingdoms were in the past vassals of Brandobia the Kalamar. I found, as I read through the book, every page had plot hook after plot hook for me to make a campaign from. The major issue with Legacy Weapons is the damage they cause jingdoms. Fittingly enough the first chapter describes how the human races migrated to the continent of Tellene, including a small scale reproduction of the whole map and migration patterns.

Because the setting is driven by the actions of ordinary men, even a low-level PC can have a profound effect and shape the world with his actions.


Appendix Three details the code of law used through much of Tellene. I have heard a lot of people say they do not like this book because it lacks “the crunchy bits” but they are scheduled to be released later in a “Players Guide” which to me is another PLUS.

Usually a deity is referenced by the name of the Church which is a bit different than usual. Appendix II is a breif listing containing pertinent details of the cities listed in the book. Still, a top notch product for a top notch setting.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

Friday, 22nd March, Imagine if the combat system was as well thought out and explained as the skill system. It’s as if you’re given a world that is finely balanced, and the DM has to decide where to unbalance things to get it moving. I find the concept laudable, but the feel is too generic. For example, each human or humanoid subrace has its own language. You can run a elitist campaign in Brandobia full of intrigue where the Brandobian don’t trust any other race, including other humans.

It just doesn’t excite me. Retrieved from ” https: The Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting offers kakamar great variety of lands and cultures, each with their own unique flavor, and thus a wide variety of locations in which to base your campaign.

And doesn’t Ghostwalk have the ridiculously-broken Lucid Dreaming skill? Saturday, 21st April, The Merchant’s Tongue names for the months and the days of the week are provided. Please help improve this kinbdoms by adding citations to reliable sources. The New World, Part 9: