The Sacred Geometry of Mandalas! with Charles Gilchrist! Public. · Hosted by The Mandala Center. Interested. clock. Jun 16, at PM – Jun 19, at. Charles Gilchrist introduces the three root languages of the universe: Sacred Sound (vibration), Sacred Sequence (time/numbers), and Sacred. Explore LeeAnn O’Dea’s board “Art by Charles Gilchrist” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Mandalas, Sacred geometry and Sacred geometry art.

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One of the primary shapes within sacred geometry is the Vesica Piscisand this will be seen in many of the Mandalas that Charles createsagain there is a mathematical equation to this primary shape and in some ways it is focal point of creation itself or what many refer to as the tree of lifein a sense it is the starting place of sacred geometrythe starting place of all shapes as they grow outward in complexity.

The “Talking Numbers Suite” is comprised of ten mandalas, all meditations on the numbers one through ten.

It is a bit hard to put into words, but at least the most fundamental sacred geometrical shape is the single point: As for the site, check it out because if it sparks your interest like it gelmetry mine, then you will love all of the videos and treasure the knowledge.

I briefly relocated to Sarasota Florida, and then back to Cleveland, still totally dedicated to life as a fine artist. The Single Point is literally The Geomety Dimension [uh, no] … the omnipresent — omnipotent center [give that some thought, will you].

Newer Post Older Post Home. The Single Point is the absolute root mental concept. Cancel reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website.

Talking Numbers Suite Gallery. This Gallery holds an ongoing series of mandalas relating to the ancient tradition of totem animals.

Introduction to Sacred Geometry

The archetypes and icons of geometry are absolutely perfect, unchanging, and timeless realities springing directly from God Mind [sic]. Monday, May 2nd, at 8: What do you think when someone says they love you? Reflecting on creation — semantically! Single Pointedness Oneness is that which geomtry beyond Duality.


I am currently doing research on several interesting animals, including “Owl,” “Wolf,” and “Bear. I had learned what it was like to live the life of a starving fine artist.

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The Sacred Nature of Art with Charles Gilchrist – Free Radical Media

It is of course, best to watch some of Charles Videos to get a good understanding of this fascinating way to explore the nature of realityhe will incorporate the ideas of sacred geometry into his presentations and his artwork while imbuing his philosophy on the multidimensional aspect of consciousness itself.

And, during that time I geommetry fell in love with and relocated to the great South West. I am very impressed with the work of Charles Gilchrist;I am experimenting with sacred geometry now, and need a very good illustrated textbook with formulas for drawing spirals, etc.

Coloring Book — Print off some Sacred Geometry images and color them! During my time there I was represented in four fine art galleries in three different cities and sold numerous paintings.

The Sacred Nature of Art with Charles Gilchrist

March 15, at 1: Visit Our Facebook Page Here. Something Special What do you mean when you say you love someone? This gallery holds a small collection of mandalas I created during my time living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was inspired by my studies of both the history and philosophy of Mandala, and my studies of Numerology. I find it hard to learn from videos, Have you anything I could learn from and use? A marvelous and harmless fellow who manages to achieve the impressive feat of making every single sentence he writes not even wrongeven the ones that we may charitable deem minimally grammatical.

About this Blog This blog is currently subject to a short break – we’ll pick up the action again in a little while. Swcred you start to concern yourself with how to cnarles this, know what you are fighting for! Ads by Project Wonderful! If you go for it, let me know how it works out for you! The Opinions Expressed by Apocalypse-how. People were amazed at my success but I was not making enough money to survive. Mail will not be published required. Charles Gilchrist is a very gifted artist who takes the idea of sacred geometry and utilizes it in his creation of beautiful Mandalasthat are all hand made and painted in the finest of detail and craftsmanshipeach piece he creates is a unique journey into the world of sacred geometry and into the heart and soul of Charles himself.


Spiritual Comments feed Leave a responseor trackback from your site. But what are those sacred geometrical forms, cnarles may wonder.

We do it so often, we should understand it! Below are some good starter videos to get to know Charles Gilchrist and to get a good understanding of the fascinating world of Sacred Geometryonce you get started you will be hookedand you will start seeing the patterns everywhere in the physical worldin the Matrixthe very fabric of existence. Whether having excellent dance parties or inadvertently influencing others in passing, energy follows our thoughts to create reality.

A blending of science and spirit. About Gems Blog Contact Me.

New Mexico Mandala Gallery. March 13, at 4: Well, you just have to check out his website.

This site holds some useful information, but also serves as a method through which he can sell some of his artwork and workshops. Thursday, September 12, Your ad could be here, right now. Our new and exciting series presenting a sared sample of American loons from A-Z. This mixed media project water color, pen and colored Inks, with touches of acrylic began in and was completed in