Bioinformatica: Alessandro Paiardini Stefano Pascarella: Books – DOCENTI DEL CORSO: Dott. Alessandro Paiardini [email protected] Prof. Stefano Pascarella [email protected] Pagepdf – Lingua annoverava tra l altro il Verga dei Malavoglia, la critica del De Sanctis e le colorite immagini d un Pascarella. Nello sport, dove ancora s .

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A novel method for the identification of conserved structural patterns in RNA: From small scale to high-throughput applications. Genome-wide methylation analysis demonstrates that 5-azadeoxycytidine treatment does not cause random DNA demethylation in fragile X syndrome cells.

Bioinformatica pascarella download

Bioinormatica human rs polymorphism alters LOX-1 expression through modifying miR binding. J Cell Mol Med. Tools and data services registry: Kinome-wide decoding of network-attacking mutations rewiring cancer signaling.

AMBRA1 links autophagy to cell proliferation and tumorigenesis by promoting c-Myc dephosphorylation and degradation. A simple protocol for the inference of RNA global pairwise alignments.

1 Introduzione Alla Bioinformatica – Free Download PDF

Exploiting holistic approaches to model specificity in protein phosphorylation. A novel approach to represent and compare RNA secondary structures. Regulation dynamics of Leishmania differentiation: Alternative splicing tends to avoid partial removals of protein-protein interaction sites. Phosphoproteomic analysis of differentiating Leishmania parasites reveals a unique stage-specific phosphorylation motif.


Enrichment of Leishmania donovani ATP-binding proteins using a staurosporine capture compound. Identification of nucleotide-binding sites in protein structures: Experimental and computational methods for the analysis and modeling of signaling networks.

BIOINFORMATICS | Università degli Studi di Parma

Mapping the human phosphatome on growth pathways. B-Pred, a structure based B-cell epitopes prediction server. Adv Appl Bioinform Chem. Deciphering a global network of functionally associated post-translational modifications. Modeling gene regulatory network motifs using Statecharts. Identification of binding pockets in protein structures using a knowledge-based potential derived from local structural similarities.

Romano P, Helmer-Citterich M.

What has proteomics taught us about Leishmania development? Adaptation of a 2D in-gel kinase assay to trace phosphotransferase activities in bioinformatca human pathogen Leishmania donovani. From sequence to structural analysis in protein phosphorylation motifs. Front Biosci Landmark Ed. Phosphate binding sites identification in protein structures. Cyclosporin A treatment of Leishmania donovani reveals stage-specific functions of cyclophilins in parasite proliferation and viability.

Modular architecture of nucleotide-binding pockets. A structure filter for the Eukaryotic Linear Motif Resource. Structural motifs recurring in different folds recognize the same ligand fragments. Development of computational tools for the inference of protein interaction specificity rules and functional annotation using structural information. Brief Funct Genomic Proteomic. Cesareni G, Helmer-Citterich M. Searching the MINT database for protein interaction information.


Convergent evolution of enzyme active sites is not a rare pascarellla.

1 Introduzione Alla Bioinformatica

Local comparison of protein structures highlights cases of convergent evolution in analogous functional sites. False occurrences of functional motifs in protein sequences highlight evolutionary constraints. A neural strategy for the inference of SH3 domain-peptide interaction specificity.

Functional annotation by identification of local surface similarities: Via A, Helmer-Citterich M. A structural study for the optimisation of functional motifs encoded in protein sequences. Brannetti B, Helmer-Citterich M. A web tool to infer the interaction specificity of families of protein modules. A new resource for investigating short functional sites in modular eukaryotic proteins. The SH3 domain of nebulin binds selectively pascarellx type II peptides: