Thomas Lourds is a book series by author Charles Brokaw, focusing on the title character of Of The Atlantis Code, Kirkus Reviews wrote “Despite the lumbering pace, by-the-numbers descriptions and a surfeit of chase scenes, Brokaw holds. A thrill-seeking Harvard linguistics professor and an ultrasecret branch of the Catholic Church go head-to-head in a race to uncover the secrets of the lost city of. Word that the lost continent of Atlantis may have been found sends a professor, a reporter, a cardinal, a Russian police officer and many others.

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The main quartet consists of two guys and two girls but for some reason Gary, the other male character, is completely overlooked despite how fascinating he is from the little snippets we see. At the airport, I checked a few novels out at the bookshop and stumbled across this one.

I look forward to reading more of Mr. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The evil villains show no redeeming characteristics. Leslie is a reporter who is the one providing the funds for the trip.

The Atlantis Code (Thomas Lourds, #1) by Charles Brokaw

He opens the novel discussing a missing ancient relic, whose plot parallels a Vatican storyline that is equally as mysterious and thought brikaw. The main thing I didn’t like about the story was the romantic interests. I was thoroughly entranced by this story as soon as I began reading.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The search for knowledge and truth Atlantis Code was as good if not better than the Lucifer Code. It wasn’t terrible but, it wasn’t all that good either. The one who’s married is killed off because, hey, she can’t bone the proff.

Atkantis knows exactly what it means: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Nov 02, Vicky rated it did not like it. When the Russian scientist turns up dead with the cymbal stolen, and when Lourds himself is attacked and his bell gone as well, all hell breaks loose as he slowly learns these two musical instruments, along with three others, are the key to the archaeological find of all time, the location of Atlantis.


I recommend this to everyone! Loved the ending too, think I chrles my breath for the last 60 pages! Other key players that tag along with Lourds on his hunt for answers are a beautiful Russian police woman who is the sister of the Russian scientist seeking revenge, and a pair of young television journalists seeking the story of a life-time.

The book was praised as being the next Da Vinci Code while I saw vode potential for the story about the myth of Atlantis in the beginning and was willing to look over some things in the beginning by the time I finished the book I felt like I had read a horribly inadequate rip off of The Da Vinci Code. By the end of the novel when the professor learns both the women have left notes asking to have dinner with him, he banters about his “big appetite” being enough for both of them.

However, I can not be sure if the book actually started to get better or I was excited to almost be done. The story was almost exactly like The Davinci Code, an American college professor goes to overseas about an ancient artifact, the Vatican is If it were possible to give this book half a star, I would. Chatles Charles Brokaw’s books are written by a ghost writer, whoever writes them does a splendid job at keeping the story lines weaved in together with nods to other moments in other books.

Two big revelations—that the artifact may be connected to Atlantis and that the legendary lost continent may be linked to a revisionist version of an Old Testament account—will get few readers’ pulses racing, especially since Brokaw relies more on shoot-outs and narrow escapes than plausible archeological details to carry his story along.

It’s nice to see that misogyny is still alive and well.

The Atlantis Code

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Forge Books; Reprint edition August 3, Language: There are a whopping three females in the book, all of whom find the lead super-sexy but somehow naively innocent. Lourds avoids being a caricature by being rescued from harm by his female companions. This is an interesting first book for a new series, but I found it a little disjointed and the tone of the protagonist a broksw simple. Right from the beginning I was char,es put by the writing.



I really enjoyed the research he put into the novel as well as his imagination in incorporating Atlantis in archeology. I need a lot more from a book.

Unfortunately, this book falls desperately flat. It is easy to offend the Church and to presume brokkaw things are one way, which might completely go against the grain of what is known by biblical scholars or the faithful.

This time, it’s the lost continent and treasures of Atlantis. However Natashya, the Russian cop, arrives on the scene and brings new meaning to the words lethal weapon. Despite the lumbering pace, by-the-numbers descriptions and a surfeit of chase scenes, Brokaw holds readers until the last stone is turned.

It’s definitely a great spin on this genre and was very intriguing. The story was almost exactly like The Davinci Code, an American college professor goes to overseas about an ancient artifact, the Vatican is involved in trying to keep it a secret, there is an evil faction within the church trying to use the secret to gain more power, and the hero must hunt down a series of clues and other artifacts to figure out what is going on.

A real page turner. Hopefully by the second book the author may have gotten some feedback and he’ll improve his likeability factor.

Lots of suspicious behavior. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. In the beginning view spoiler [ when the women 15 years younger is just basically mounting him???

dode Trivia About The Atlantis Code First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at https: A cardinal who leads a secret society has other ideas for all of these discoveries.