I am sending in my laptop for RMA. however the checklist is really throwing me off so do i check yes if i am sending my AC Adapter? or is that. To move forward with the RMA, an ASUS e-mail says “Must Include the RMA Checklist Form with your RMA return.” but fails to attach such a. Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: ydavidson, Catalog: Asus RMA CheckList, Published: Oct

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Any physical damage is completely out of warranty.

ASUS was made aware of this checkliet on August 29th, due to the legal disclaimer they use with all customer support e-mails. Our card was delivered by Fedex while we were not home at Product is out of warranty, be sure to upload a copy of your proof of purchase.

Important Information

The given ETA of 5 business days was over-estimated and my repaired notebook was available for pick-up within 3. Hong Kong – Good, from personal experience. The ASUS disclaimer is shown below and we received permission to publish all correspondence on August 30th, Type of Credit Card: Repair time was around 4 days and their technicians did a good job replacing a motherboard. TurbogearMay 31, Please make sure that the RMA number is written on the outer portion of the box, otherwise the package will not be accepted and returned back to you.


Taiwan – Excellent, from personal experience.

RMA turnaround times were in the time frame of days. Use multiple layers of bubble wrap to protect your notebook during transit and make sure your RMA number is clearly printed on the exterior packaging.

Asus RMA and Warranty Guide | NotebookReview

In Canada, it appears that the repair time is quicker than their neighboring facilities in Fremont and Jeffersonville. Should there assu any damages incurred during shipping, ASUS will not be held responsible. Pay close attention to the return shipping address. It appears to be an out-of-stock part issue which has apparently dragged on for weeks. If yes, please describe.

Asus RMA and Warranty Guide

Note that Asus only accepts Visa or Mastercard. Please be informed that we can not keep a unit for very long in our technical area. Add the shipping transit times and you should be looking at a day window. Please Select Postal Code.

What Notebook Should I Buy? Please find the attached credit card authorization form. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any fma questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know. Often times, a “repaired” notebook is sent back with even more problems.

RMA Submittal Form (USA or Canada Customers ONLY)

It will be kindly of aus to provide your credit card information to us in order to process your order rapidly. Please address and send the package to: GenTechPCMay 31, The time it takes Asus Taiwan to ship the part to their overseas facilities can vary from 1 week to X months.


Frequency Please Select Frequency. Minor quality check issues did occur, but nothing that couldn’t be easily fixed yourself. Possible reasons for not receiving an Instant RMA and will receive a case only: Well, here in Kazakhstan, you are always faced with out of stock for parts problem.

Out of warranty e-mail notification: Do not complete this form for these types of requests. Many folks on the forum have noted a day time frame. The replacement card arrived without the retail packaging, but ASUS did include the accessory bundle.

An ASUS service manager jumped on a call with us and explained our RMA was longer than normal due to the part shortage of the video card that we were trying to get repaired. If you plan on selling your notebook at a later date, I’d highly recommend you keep the original box and use a generic box to ship your notebook. Any physical damage to the interior hardware components are deemed out-of-warranty, regardless of any existing warranty on your notebook.