Used ARTHROCARE Electrothermal Arthroscopy System For Sale – DOTmed Listing # Specifications: Year of Manufacture. YOM: Condition: Pre-owned. Good condition. The unit will be delivered exactly the way it is displayed on the accompanying photos. Dimensions: 62 x 48 x (H) cm / with opened table x 48 x (H) Condition: Pre-owned. Good condition. The unit will be delivered.

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The SEC mandated that the accounting change begin no later than the fourth quarter.

Other articles you might like: Sales continued to mount and new markets were beginning to open up, but to achieve the kind of growth its founders envisioned it was time to bring in a more seasoned executive to take the business to the next stage in its development.

Unfortunately, the transition was costly and took longer than expected. In Arthroxare received approval to use Coblation technology to remove tonsils, opening up yet another source of revenues. ArthroCare also became active on the acquisitions front in the early s. Millions of people undergo tissue surgery worldwide each year. Before teaming up with Eggers, Thapliyal gained experience in the medical device field while working for Vascular Interventions, maker of atherectomy systems.

The company announced that it would begin to spread out revenues arthrocrae with the first quarter ofbut what Forbes called the “day of reckoning” kept getting pushed back later into the year. Although ArthroCare enjoyed rapid growth during the late s and into the s, it also faced challenges on a myriad of fronts.

Arthrocare 2000 RF System Controller

In the cosmetic surgery field arthtocare company faced a market saturated with alternative procedures, leaving little revenue potential despite the effectiveness of ArthroCare’s method. As a result, ArthroCare in showed a profit for the first time. Several months later the two partners began to look for ways to apply the technology to ear, nose, and throat surgery.

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In ArthroCare completed a xrthrocare of significant acquisitions. It had to turn to the court system to protect the patent on its technology. Arthrocare completes its initial public offering of stock.

Once they tried the wands, they were convinced of the product’s efficacy and asked their hospitals to buy the controlling devices and supply the single-use wands. Typical electrosurgical tools drove energy through tissue, which was then burned away, but Thapliyal and Eggers, working with conductive fluid, became puzzled by the results they were getting.

Finally, the Coblation business unit looks to develop new devices for laparoscopic and general surgical procedures. The initial marketing approach was simple yet effective: Based in Sunnyvale, California, ArthroCare Corporation is a medical device company, relying mostly on its patented Coblation technology.

The balance sheet also was adversely impacted by the unexpected write-off of inventory. About six months after Baker took over, ArthroCare forged a partnership with Boston Scientific to develop a Coblation system suitable for cardiac surgery. The procedure required local anesthesia only and could be done in arthrofare than arthrocre hour.


The company is founded. Although the company had branched into a variety of fields, arthroscopic surgery continued to supply the bulk of sales.

But the company had now reached a crossroads in its history; management had to determine the best way to take the company to the next level, whether to sell the business to a giant rival or commit the necessary funds to augment the company’s infrastructure to support continued growth. Hence, the original name of their company was Angiocare.

The company hired a number of doctors as consultants and they began spreading the word throughout the arthroscopy field that an exciting new product was on the horizon. Our Coblation technology offers an alternative to standard surgical techniques for removing and treating tissue.


In he cofounded Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, Inc. In July Michael A. Michael Baker is named president and CEO. After some investigation they realized that the radiofrequency energy they were using had ionized the electrolytes in the conductive fluid, and these ions in turn possessed enough energy to break down the molecules of the soft tissue, essentially dissolving the tissue without generating enough heat to burn surrounding areas.

Because of the addition of Parallax’s technology, ArthroCare launched a concerted effort to market its spine surgery product lines around the world. He then went to work at Battelle Columbus Laboratories, where he spent a dozen years involved in both the nuclear and medical fields. Chandler, Michele, “Sunnyvale, Calif.

Thus when Thapliyal and Eggers incorporated their new company in April they called it ArthroCare Corporation, originally based in Sunnyvale, California. Instead they decided to look for surgical applications in which precision was a major selling point and settled on arthroscopic joint surgery. In ArthroCare had completed the development of a commercial product using Coblation technology.

ArthroCare System Arthroscopic Electrosurgery Electrosurgical Controller | eBay

In short order the company had the foundation of a sales and distribution network in place and began selling its product. The ArthroCare Sports Medicine unit is devoted to products used in arthroscopic joint surgery, the company’s first application for Coblation. The company’s first sales are recorded. The company decided to revisit cardiology. But questions were being raised about ArthroCare possibly inflating its numbers, due to the company’s policy of booking all licensing and royalty fees from multiyear contracts at the time of signing.