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The first part of the course describes the aims of anatomy and the adequate anatomical terminology. La cellula un approccio molecolare, Piccin, Padova. Urinary system 1 hour.

Study-unit ANATOMY OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS – Degree Course: Veterinary medicine

Topography, reports, projection on the surface of the heart. Practical activity in a specific classroom of the Polo Didattico for the vision and recognition of organs. Embriologia, Ambrosiana, Doemstici, I e II Educational objectives The main objective of the course is to provide students with adequate knowledge of the macroscopic and microscopic structure of organs and systems of carnivores and swine as well as of mammifdri elements necessary to understand the topographical relationships between them.

Pelvic girdle skeleton 1 hour. Integumentary system 1 hour. Assessment methods The exam takes place through in itinere tests and a final exam, which ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills expected by conducting a histological specimens identification, an oral exam followed, if exceeded, by compraata practical test in the dissecting room, in which students must recognize and describe some organs three different organs already studied during the course of study.


Veterinary Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.


The student must know how to identify a ruminant organ and distinguish it from those of other animal species. Ascending aorta, aortic arch, brachio-cephalic trunk, carotid artery 2 hours. Anatomy macroscopic of heart and pericardium 2 hours. Macroscopic characteristics, species identification, of the spleen 1 hour.

Il Portale utilizza cookie tecnici per migliorare l’esperienza di navigazione. Digestive apparatus of domestic mammals: Structure microscopic wall 2 hours. Central nervous system brain and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

50169 – Systematic Comparative Veterinary Anatomy II

To know how to do: Student should recognize organs from their histological features. People search Search with a name Search with a name. Cardio-vascular and respiratory system 2 hours. Testo di Anatomia Veterinaria.


I e II Antonio Delfino Editore – During the theoretical activity, slides are used and then made available to the students. Topography, macroscopic anatomy, vasculature of the uterus.


Salta al contenuto principale. Teaching methods The course is organized as follows: Proliferation state, potency and cell differentation. Localizations and classification relative to: The module aims to enable the student to know and understand the concepts of cytology, histology and embryology and to acquire the knowledge for the recognition of the various tissues by light microscopy.

Microscopic structure, pulmonary lobule, alveolus. Atlante a colori di istologia veterinaria, Delfino, Roma. Cell and plasma components.

Reference texts Pelagalli Gaetano V. Will be provided for files and videos of sei lectures power point with the main information about the topics to be explored on the following texts:.

Features of bone cells and matrix; Compact and Cancellous or Spongy bone: Ability to recognize the different systems and organs of the body of birds, rodents and lagomorphs ; ability to describe the topography of the organs and the appearance of macroscopic and microscopic structure observed at light microscope.