allama iqbal poetry, allama iqbal urdu english poetry, poem, shikwa, iblees, jawab (Bal-e-Jibril) Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) The Mosque of Cordoba. Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Taj Company. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): Classification (IAP): 8UA2. Pages: Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal. Publisher: Iqbal Academy Pakistan. City: Lahore. Year: Classification (DDC): /ا۔ق۔ب. Classification (IAP): 8UA2 .

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The question was asked in ? Anonymous 4 April at ee Even present day Christians respect the mosque enough to say they are attending the Sunday Mass at the Mosque!

Subtain Awan 6 May at Newer Post Older Post Home. Atticus Iterated 11 June at The government has changed al,ama status from mosque to Church and before entering they take oath from muslim that muslim will not offer prayer inside. Uzair Tariq 13 November at Newer Uibreel Older Post Home. Anonymous 7 November at All deeds of a Man of God are the workings of his Spiritual-Passion! Aaleen Shafaat 18 May at Throughout this poem is indicating a dialogue and an attempt to establish individual supremacy between Iblees and Jibraeel.


Satan thinks he caused concern for Allah. Anonymous 30 October at.

Bal-e-Jibreel By Allama Iqbal

It is as sublime and majestic as Beethoven’s 9th symphony. Anonymous 4 September at In particular Iqbal’s poetry’s appears jbreel be Ilhaam,Ilqa and kashaf. Iqbal is pride of all muslims espacialy we the Pakistanies areproud of him. Satan – Due to my disobedience, this handful dust risen-up; my confrontational costume of talent-o-wisdom stitched-with!

Naema 27 November at The local muslim are used to offer Tarivih on the road in front of mosque. Anonymous 14 February at ibqal Anonymous 30 August at I can not agree more. Anonymous 8 October at However, I think may be I am wrong that the last verse is not translated correctly.

Anonymous 29 January at Allah aap ko din doni rat chugni tarqi dey. Anonymous 13 June at Zain Ali Akram 6 August at Anonymous 6 May at Ashfaq Ahmad Chughtai 22 February at You know that Istikhara is Religious act for before start any work or business or other allxma life matter must perform Istikhara for knowing the Allah decision for work is better for us or not.

Bal-e-Jibril ebooks by Allama Iqbal | Rekhta

May Allah almighty shower His blessings on Hazrat Allama’s grave. Anonymous 9 November at I am non-muslim, but love islam only because of iqbal. Rehan Khan 13 January at Anonymous 24 July at Spiritual-Passion flows on the Angel’s breath! Spiritual-Passion is the Divine Flask! Unknown 11 October at His hopelessness is eternal. Yazdaan a persian istiara for Allah is creator of both Jibreel and Satan.


Allamq shetan Allah ki duty he.

Satan nhi maafi mangei ga mere khyal se. Anonymous 6 October at Anonymous 13 October at Anonymous 18 November at That was pretty painful to read, until “spanks of storm” made me laugh out loud. kibreel

The wisdom of Allama is commendable and his thoughts irrefutable. Anonymous 10 October at He is allqma open enemy. Anonymous 29 July at This is a masterpiece of Allama Iqbal’s poetry. Anonymous 20 June at His creations are immune to decay; His creativity – divine in essence!