IN AN ESSAY titled “Camus’s ‘Le Renegat’: An Allegory of the Existentialist of ” La Femme adultere” reveals that that recit also bears the mark of absur- .. Stirling, Elwyn F. “Albert Camus’s Adulterous Woman: A Consent to Dissolution. sistently than La Femme Adultère,2 the two ideas of which – “Γ absurd” and “la Gamus’s ideas, Albert Camus and the Literature of Revolt (New York. ). Albert Camus’s Adulterous Woman: A Consent to Dissolution. Elwyn F. Sterling. Structurally speaking, the various elements of “La Femme adultere” exist, as.

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After this act of not attacking him or escaping, Daru is able to fall asleep. The sound of the river increased.

At this point the narrative becomes increasingly dramatic and sensual as Janine runs around the fort feeling charged with life, eventually ending up lying on her back beneath the stars. And so they file one by one into the knackered old workshop and, in silence, start up the old routines of work.

The Adulterous Woman – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are silent because these men, the handful who work at a small cask-manufacturing workshop in a city on the coast, had gone out on strike for twenty days but then, eventually, been forced back to work for the usual reasons — the need for money, the refusal of the boss to back down.

He was a not very bright student at a theological seminary. The setting is bleak and elemental.

He seeks to create a space for individual freedom and dignity. Then Daru makes up two camp beds in the schoolroom, but lies there awake.


La Femme adultère | Books & Boots

But he abruptly turns away from the church and heads off towards the poor black quarter he had visited the night before. By the end of the story, Janine is adultre guilty of the thought but it is not clear if she will take further action on her frustration or if she is prepared to go back to how things were before and accept her life.

In the last few sentences Janine retraces her steps to the cheap hotel, slips back into bed beside Marcel, who wakes up to find her weeping inconsolably. Instead Daru shows the Arab two alternative routes: He was going to drown and prayed to the stone Jesus, promising he would carry a pound stone on his head in the annual procession, if he was spared. Camis, in Europe, there was shame albedt wrath. The adultery in question is symbolic and in her own mind.

He wants to spark an incident, to get the French to retaliate against the tribe in order to cause a Holy War, and in his fantasies prompt the tribe to invade and abert Europe overthrowing the wretched God which he now curses and despises.

The French authorities try to drag him into the conflict. From time to time the horse stumbled. Early in the story, Janine reflects on her adolescence and the period when she met her husband and the choice she had at aalbert time between security and independence.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Janine welcomes the soldier’s attention and this reinforces Janine’s opinion that she can still be attractive to men but feels dejected when later nothing comes of it.


The soldier seems interested in Janine, letting it be noticed that he is looking at her and offers her a lozenge from a box in his pocket.

Here is Gilbert gently struggling to conceal from his wife that her stealthy creeping around the studio puts him off painting much more than loud bold interruptions would do. This story from the bible parallels Camus’ thinking on Capital Punishment as outlined in Reflections on the Guillotine.

Unsourced material may be challenged camjs removed. A quick search of the internet reveals that there is an online Hemingway app. A third interpretation simply picks up the theme of exile. She married short, bug-eyed Marcel, not so much because she was attracted to him, but because he so obviously needed her. Marcel is a merchant and Janine is his assistant.

The Adulterous Woman

Janine did not make love to her husband before visiting the fort. She makes the transition femje existing merely as an extension of her husband, to being part of an endlessly larger world. He is on the path east to Tinguit, presumably to hand himself in. Many parts of it could come from Oscar Wilde or Saki, with their dry sardonic humour.