Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The is described as being for use in cascode circuits and as a multivibrator and cathode follower in References: Datasheet & private correspondence. E88CC-TK TUBE DATA SHEET. Mechanical. Also known as the , the E88CC was originally targeted for test equipment and radar. The E88CC has.

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Cheers Steve Logged E55l2 Jr.

6922 Datasheet

Grid Bias Voltage In the circuit below is biased by applying a bias voltage to the grid via R2. Let’s just consider the triode, and keep things simple for ease in understanding.

The only reason I am posting now is to prevent the public from being misled with false information. Note, not so for the VT mrk 3 amp, different circuitry. Please pardon me if I have crossed the line of civility.

6DJ8 – Wikipedia

By the way, Telefunken was known for gettinghours on their 12ax7 “family” under typical conditions. Moving in the opposite direction along the load line, we use the harder and harder, until finally there is no voltage across it. I do in my preamps, but amplifiers, expecially the output tube, this is a consideration that needs to be addressed. Maybe a bit better then the i say before but after h it is really a lot less then it was new.


6922/ECC88/E88CC double triode

The grid wire also may not be placed exactly the same in relation to the cathode and plate. Jim Jim, Great info! One matched pair low noise per channel.

Not knowing how it would turn out I tested several other used, that tested like near new, EH tubes in a Hickok a Mutual Conductance tube tester. E55l2 on 28 Jan The lower the plate current, the less the cathode is cooled by electrons leaving. Cheers Steve Quote Steve said: ACHiPo on 15 Jan Steve, You’re playing well within bounds as far as I’m concerned, and I’m learning a heck of a lot datashret the exchange, so thank you.

Of course he is very careful about the sound of his reference system. At less filament voltage, the carbonates evaporate less, so grid contamination is less over time, a datasehet.

You can read some reviews of one of my poor designs here. However, there are extenuating circumstances involving heavy plate current and increased frequencies into the high MHz, and depending upon the tube, in which transit time becomes a problem. That’s why I asked is Ohms Law was at play.

Gm is the change in plate current with a change in grid to cathode voltage,, with a constant plate to cathode voltage. Rp is plate resistance of a tube section, triode, dtaasheet, pentode etc. Mu amplification factor is theoretical gain.


, et al Burn-in?

These tubes datasheey also bought as closely matched low noise tubes from well respected tube vendors. If I understand your questions, why are not dual triodes matched more closely and what is ohms law. And there is the rub. Not to mention the performance of the channel and sound of the channel.

So, where does close matching of GM come into play? Please specify, datashet links, where datqsheet actually get your bits of information as none of my RCA manuals, whether receiving manual or transmitting manual, RCA Radiotron Designers Handbook 26 engineers, pages on tubes,Eimac, Radio Amateur Handbook, Radio Handbook pages etc state such.

Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. The machine winding the grid wire for each section has tolerances, thus the grid wire for each triode section can and usually is a little different. This variance may be both horizontal and verticle. Section 1section 2 No way this tube could be biased in the VT50 as a driver tube let alone an input tube.