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Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Co call the lithium market: is a change in trend happening? Let me hear you say way ooh. There is currently no data for Cloudtag Inc.

Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. That is a lot of expensive smoke, what is the smoke covering? This certainly needs to come to a conclusion for existing investors. After the latest revelation regarding the ‘appointment’, I’d be surprised if there are any clinical trials at all, and the second appointment should make for interesting reading as well.

They certainly aren’t in the business of telling the truth of returning any shareholder value either. Have to question, was the money raised in pre-IPO done with a false prospectus, but there was no prospectus so therefore perhaps under false pretences? CTAG invented the new phrase ‘bust just bust’ all for themselves. 2 year old corpse twitch so much CTAG – a zombie company. Date of the amazing pre-IPO investment opportunity being presented to existing PIs? Date of Amit’s completely untrue and deliberately deceptive Cloudtag website update re the appointment of Hugh Risebrow? If Amit’s inner circle does have anything to share they are sure as h ell ain’t going to share on any public forum.

The ONLY thing left is the status and outcome of the Clinical Trials. That is the last throw of the die. Come on then grotbox, spill then beans, bearing in mind I’ve been reading this board for years now and one poster who’s “in the know” suddenly disappears and another one replaces them! Anyone want to share anything with the headless chickens?

CTAG, when questioned on the latest pre IPO could provide me with no information, absolutely nothing. Did anyone else get some valid reasons why it was worth investing more money? SPC, correct – and ABH and CTAG have been completely consistent throughout the company’s entire existence. The latest lie may well be the last one, because it was careless and so smacked of desperation. By making Hugh Risebrow so easily identifiable, Amit opened himself up to being truth-checked – although he probably didn’t anticipate the man himself clarifying that he had no ongoing relationship of any kind with Cloudtag. And Dougal, two points for you to consider. First, it doesn’t matter at all who ABH was raising funds on behalf of.

Secondly I strongly recommend you research “419 scam” on Wikipedia. It’s far easier to keep going back to those who have already been fleeced and play on their hopes and desperation to get yet more out of them than to acquire fresh targets – so, existing PIs, not new ones. That’s quite literally the precise way in which a classic 419 scam works. It’s not asking too much for some information is it, after all this time I think we deserve it.

That was exclusively open to existing investors. As he never gave an explanation it is conjecture, but one theory is he tried to cover a bad position in a market downtown and got pulled deeper in whilst keeping up his famed consistent returns to his fund clients. Not for his own personal benefit. Fawlty Towers with Lord Melburya con artist who relieves the sycophantic basil of his cash and coin collection and even when sybil shows him the irrefutable evidence of a briefcase allegedly full of valuables. Basil still insists on picking up one of them and shaking it next to his ear, unable to accept the truth. Amit’s principle role was to raise finance-check the FCA Register. Come on then HGB what exactly is the script?

Amit needs to grow a pair and admit he’s out of his depth, the mans a failure, total toilet. Setup a personalised Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio. View more Trades, Directors’ Deals, and Broker Ratings. Datafeed and UK data supplied by NBTrader and Digital Look. All information is provided free of charge, ‘as-is’, and you use it at your own risk. The contents of all ‘Chat’ messages should not be construed as advice and represent the opinions of the authors, not those of London South East Limited, or its affiliates.

London South East does not authorise or approve this content, and reserves the right to remove items at its discretion. James: I would like to add to Dr. This will not make some people very happy. JPM: Why hasn’t Merck been making deals?

Iggy6M shares is a ton in one day. Business update call on Tuesday, January 15. 6 million shares traded of a moribund stock? You saved me the trouble of saying it. Your theory makes no sense, try again.