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There’s a unique forex strategy I want to share with you that’s rich secret investment trading forex powerful making my trading firm and me obscene amounts of money. When I used it during my years of trading stocks, it worked like a charm. And now that I’ve switched over to forex, I find that it works equally well—or even better! If anyone asked me six months ago, there’s no way I would’ve agreed to share this secret.

And, frankly, I’ve come to realize that sharing this takes NOTHING away from me and the success of my firm. The traders I have working under me are also rich. And you will be too if you take advantage of it. I’m 41 years old and the managing director for a hedge fund in New York.

My fascination with trading began as an 18 year old during my first year in university. 225,000 in bonus after just 2 years of work on the trading floor. For a young working class kid like me, that was a fortune. But it lit a fire in me that trading was what I wanted to do.

It would be my life’s path. And that very summer, I got an internship on the trading floor in the city. When I walked onto that trading floor for the first time and saw the glowing flat-screen TVs, high-tech computer monitors and phone turrets with enough dials, knobs and buttons to make it seem like the cockpit of a fighter plane, it confirmed exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. And every summer after that till the time I graduated, I worked on the trading floor. I already had a job before I finished my final year exams. My mentor saw so much promise in me, he called me personally during Easter break to let me know I had a job waiting.

And I used it to outperform traders who were at the company for years to move up the ranks fast. For six years, I worked as a trader for that company. I was making good money, yes. But it was nothing compared to that of my bosses who were earning ten times that. And I got the feeling that no matter how good I was, I would never be made partner of the firm. It was just a glass ceiling I could never break. Youth, it seems, was not in my favor.