Mini forex trading online future trading brokerage

How Much Money Can I Make As a Day Trader? Here we’ll look at mini forex trading online future trading brokerage potential for stock, forex and futures day traders.

How much money can I make as a day trader? Obviously there is a massive range of income potential when it comes to day traders. Stocks are generally the most capital-intensive asset class, so if you trade another asset class such as futures or forex you can generally start trading with less capital. How much money you start with. How much time you put into your trading education. These issues are not our focus here. Income potential is also based on volatility in the market.

The scenarios below assume a certain number of trades each day, with a certain risk and profit potential. In very slow market conditions you may find fewer trades than discussed, but in active market conditions you may find more trades. The numbers below are based purely on mathematical models, and are not meant to indicate you will make this much. The numbers below are used to show the potential, but are not intended to reflect typical returns.