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In the absence of an RNS this share typically seems to drop in the morning and this rise later on. Good way to trade as a complement to a core holding – expect it to high day heights this afternoon from current 122, which seems like easy money. Actually, last few months have been brilliant for me so I am hoping that decent success in a falling market translates to even better results in a rising market – probably not though. 9 with 7 minutes to go. I am going for a UT over 130p. Already sorted that thanks volcano – open the tuna and she comes running.

Thankfully I won’t have to eat the cat anyway as I am very confident this will more than double over the year. If this doesn’t more than double from here over 2019 I’ll eat my cat. Expecting a proper recovery here now. Yes, dropped first thing and then had a coffee and perked up. Apologies, same article I think so I probably got the wrong paper. Indivior must speed up its pipeline of new treatments to replace the inevitable loss in revenue from Suboxone Film.

However, the danger finally appears to be factored into the share price. Jefferies has a 120p target, while Stifel has a hugely more ambitious 440p. There are reasons to believe things could look up for Indivior in 2019. While its shares may not soon return to the heady heights of June’s 490p, it is taking steps to improve its position. Led by Shaun Thaxter, Indivior plans to launch an authorised generic version of Suboxone to coincide with the rollout of a generic by a competitor. It is expected to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales. 250m of cash to avoid breaching covenants.