Is forex auto pilot a scam

We are told that it is one of the most accurate and profitable cryptocurrency trading tools in the world right now. This cryptocurrency trading tool is designed specifically to rip you off and steal as much is forex auto pilot a scam from you as humanly possible. When it comes to any kind of cryptocurrency trading tool, we want to know exactly how it works.

Sure, the owners of this system claim that the profits are very real and very high, but of course, this is nothing more than a total lie. It simply is not true in the least. For those people who have made a profit, it has been completely impossible to withdraw any money. The website claims to be the world’s best source for education surrounding everything related to cryptocurrency. However, the educational content on the website is simply bad. These crooks try to make you think that their system will teach you everything you need to know to become a highly profitable cryptocurrency trader, but this is just not so.

This is not for a lack of research, but due to the fact that these criminals are purposefully hiding their identities from us. We are never told the name of a person or of a group of people who are leading this thing, which is very bad to say the least. The only reason why these guys are staying anonymous is to protect themselves from legal prosecution. They know darn well that they are stealing from you and what they are doing is considered fraud. They just don’t want to go to jail. In other words, the company is totally fake and can therefore not be trusted in the least. The provision of cryptocurrency signals and providing financial advice to people are both activities which require special licensing.