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Results are based on historical data. There is no guarantee of future performance. You should understand the risks involved go forex trading trading.

Different brokers can produce different results due to spreads and liquidity. Below are the trading results of Forex Robotron on the 5 minute time frame of the EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, EURCHF currency pairs using the default settings over a 15 year period of back testing. Most of the time Forex Robotron will close a trade before the stop loss is hit so does not actually lose the full risk set in one trade. This is a great opportunity to start automated forex trading today and have the free time to do what you enjoy. Forex Robotron is the result of years of hard work day and night, programming, testing provided to you as a set and forget Forex Robot! Thousands upon thousands of hours of programming and testing has gone into the research and development of Forex Robotron to ensure that it is one of the best forex robots in the world – NOW and in the FUTURE!

You to can use Forex Robotron and get INSTANT ACCESS to one of the best forex robots! HOW TO GET FOREX ROBOTRON FOR FREE! 200 into a verified live mt4 trading account. Contact Robotron support with screenshots of your deposit and verified account to confirm and you will be sent the Premium software! Pax Forex offer not available to existing Pax Forex clients. You must open a Pax Forex account using THIS LINK. Bora, says: The robot is working wonderful thank you.

Answer: You are very welcome Bora, glad Robotron is working so well for you! Simon, says: I have spent Thousands of Dollars purchasing EAs that never worked. I am very happy finding Robotron. It is not just as good as its backtest, it is an EA for the future. Answer: Thank you very much Simon! Boahamed, says: Dear sir, I would like you thank you for your wounderfull EA, it’s really amazing i meant I already bought it with my friend Tihomir.

I feel, I am greatfull and thankfull for you both. I hope really can find another good EA in the market like your Robotron EA. I will buy it even if cost me 100k and I have no problem to share it with you for free, I need only your recommendation as per your wide experience. Answer: Thank you very much for your kind words, I am so happy to hear how much you love Robotron! Sam, says: Thanks very much for a prompt reply. I am really liking robotron ! This is an amazing EA, consistent profits since I bought the EA, very reliable in its trade, and in equal measure – prompt excellent service from the developer!

Answer: You are very welcome Sam! Thank you for the feedback, very happy to hear that! Ziya, says: Hi, it has been little over a month since I’ve started live trading with robotron, the EA is doing fine and gaining profit, it’s positive and as from next week I’ll be depositing more funds, Thank you. Answer: That is great news Ziya, happy to hear! Robert, says: I have been having some success with the EA, thank you.

Answer: Hi Robert, Very pleased to hear you are having success with Robotron, that is great news! Your premium software is working well right now. I’m very happy with it and also top up money under the current account. Answer: Hi Sathianphan, Very happy to hear Robotron is working great for you! Answer: Hi Kelly, Very happy to hear that you are pleased with Robotron! So far Robotron has done a great job! I have just used it at EURUSD chart though.

Answer: Happy to hear Robotron is doing great for you Juan! Paul, says: Forex Robotron has been doing very well for me for many months now, even with the ESMA leverage restricions. I could be making even more with higher leverage! Sathianphan, says: Dear Support Team, First of all, I have to thank you very much for your provided software and I’m very happy to use it.

It also works well and wonderful. Software has already set and I gained the profit. In the future, I plan to buy and use another license from your Forex Robotron software. Answer: Thank you for your kind words Sathianphan!

Nice trading from Robotron yet again! Naufal, says: It’s been 3 days of Forex Robotron v23, amazing results. Robotron is trustworthy robot, and you’ll satisfied with the result ! Answer: So happy to hear that, thank you very much and I hope your great returns continue!

Lane, says: Hello, I am currently having good success with your Bot and thank you! Answer: That is great to hear Lane, glad Robotron is working well for you! Michael, says: You should know that trading so far this month Robotron has generated a return of 18. It is the net, not gross return and it is very healthy.