Forex training seminar

80 per month with so many amazing features. But be aware this one is for serious traders who know a little something about the market but its features are incredible. Would you like to speak to one of our advisers? Just submit your contact details and we’ll be in touch shortly. PDF file of Exit seminar by Prof J K Shah on “How to clear Inter CA May 18” on 31. Details of Subjectwise Doubt solving helpline. Time Bound and Conceptual clarity is the biggest plus point of JKSC.

Impressed by the professionalism of JKSC. Conceptual clarity and rigorous practice in class has helped to prepare well. I would like to make a special mention for all professors who have been just superb and so very approachable in case of doubts. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to skip a mention about the study material of JKSC.

Last, but not the least, J. We have been training aspiring students in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai for the past 34 years. Shah Classes promise to be with you on every step along the way, from start to the end of the CA Coaching. Direct entry after completing your graduation, we have customised courses available for every entry level.

Our CA Coaching classes are updated regularly with regards to latest amendments, they are based on practical scenarios and are backed up with vast knowledge of our senior lecturers. Adhering to time schedules, in depth coaching and clarification of topics are the key components that our students benefit from, turning many of them into all Indian rank holders and ultimately successfully becoming Chartered Accountants. We give ample and appropriate time period to prepare for CA CPT Entrance level exam. After successful completion of this level, we provide the required 4 weeks of ICITSS training along with preparation for CA IPCC exam. Both levels are very difficult to prepare for, but our staff and faculty make sure that the entire batch keeps up with the course curriculum and passes both the groups with flying colours.

Articleship training is an important aspect before becoming a CA, and J. Shah Classes impart Articleship Induction Program for the mandatory 2 and half years of articleship training. We help in getting in to the articleship program along with continued preparation for the final exam. This is a long period of time but we do not leave our students distracted and keep them regularly in touch with the course curriculum and AICITSS training. I am sure you already heard about currency trading which is more popularly called Foreign Exchange Trading or FOREX or FX for short. Basically Forex Trading is the trading of two currencies. In the Philippines and for OFWs I guess the best well known currency we are handling is the US Dollar and the Philippine Peso.

What do we do when the value of US Dollar against the Philippine Peso fluctuates? When the exchange rate goes up, meaning we need more Peso to buy the Dollar, we exchange or sell our dollar taking advantage of the additional number of Peso we can acquire for the same Dollar. Now on the other hand when exchange rate goes down, meaning we need fewer Peso to buy the Dollar, we buy the Dollar taking advantage of able to buy Dollar cheap. We are currently testing the service using a practice account and the review and opinions stated are based on the on going review of the service.