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Big breakout level for a base breakout pattern We have been making higher lows since December the coin has started to inch up right into a key resistance level. Love BNB coin in general it is one of the handful of coins with an actual use case! Hello Everyone, Looking at the 6 hour chart I have identified a possible double top formation. I have left my ideas on the chart. BNB can uptrend, accumulating at these levels will be a great investment for the future.

I would add my two cents on my experience so far. 29 at the big bank brokerage. Opening an account was straightforward and intuitive. Transferring securities and cash in-kind was smooth. Questrade offers live help via chat that is very useful if you work with computers in a cubicle. You can get your queries answered while working instead of waiting on the phone for a customer rep.

I have been able to get help whenever I needed it and almost always the issues have been resolved. As the broker’s target audience seem to be traders and not investors, there is a learning curve involved in using the trading platform. Questrade does not offer EFT transfer for US dollar funds. To move US dollar funds you have to write a cheque that takes as long as 20 days to clear or request a cheque and then make a visit to your bank to deposit it. Thanks for the link back CC. I’m glad that you’re enjoying Questrade thus far.

I didn’t know about the USD transfer issue, perhaps they’ll fix that in the future. US balance, my purchase of a US stock was treated as a margin transaction and I had to struggle with the interface to figure out how to move the money once I discovered it. I recently opened a Questrade account and moved money into it, but I have yet to execute my first trade. I think the recent actions by the BoC to stabilize the market will only temporarily stop the fall. Mark: I had trouble figuring that out also. It was all confusing because I am used to simply pointing to the account you want money taken from or put into. Those two things seem to be contredictory.

I’m not surprised that lower commissions would be particularly appealing to people who trade a lot, but I’m shocked that it can take three weeks to have cash clear. I mean, how much has the market changed in the last three weeks? GIV: To be fair, Questrade does allow sending funds via certified cheque or wire transfer, but they all cost money and negate the advantage of low commissions somewhat. I do hope they will have a EFT facility soon. RRSP and one non-RSP which I have yet to fund.

I do agree that the trading platform is not as user friendly as other brokers but it is quick and gets the job done. If you don’t want or need hand holding, then it is a good pick. Thank you for your review of Questrade. We have platforms for traders as well as investors. There are, however, manuals for both of these platforms available that help shorten the learning curve. We are also working on some tutorials that should be available soon. You can withdraw US or Canadian funds via an EFT.

We can send the US and Canadian dollars directly in your bank account. For depositing US dollars the EFT option is not available. This is a limitation of the Canadian banking system and not Questrade. If the banks would allow US dollar bill payments, Questrade would accept them. Canadian and US dollars are available via a Wire Transfer. Again due to the banking system, uncertified Personal cheques are also accepted but they take 21 business days to clear.

We have had several instances where cheques have bounced more than 2 weeks after deposit and as a result we are forced to institute this policy. Certified cheques and bank drafts are accepted with no delay. I do agree with you that remembering 3 sets of login info may be a bit overwhelming. Security was our main concern when we designed the process. 3 sets of login information are less likely to fall into the wrong hands at the same time. We are, however, working on this as well, and it should be resolved soon.