Forex software comparisons

Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Nove, what are you on about? Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. 18 onwards – or have they stopped taking orders? Seeing the way the SP has reacted to the no information situation JC should do an RNS giving basic income and orders, as has been suggested, saying a more detailed report will follow in February.

Seriously, how do they continue to get away with it? SP from falling further, after telling a porky a month earlier. As far as I know New Delhi is not a backwater, GPRS is working fine in a city setting. Anyone got a view as to where the large volume Indian market is heading ? The real joke chem, is it’s not a big number. Just report a number JC, forget all the usual Smoke and Mirrors, you are no good at it and it always comes back to bite everyone involved. Getting clever and creative to take a bonus from the potless wreck you oversee is way beyond greed.