Forex cargo balik bayan box

Read the rest of this entry »If you need to forex cargo balik bayan box where your Forex Cargo boxes are, now you can track your balikbayan box and check the status of your shipment at any time during and after delivery. To locate your Forex Cargo Tracking Number simply refer to your Invoice. The tracking number is located on the middle top portion of your invoice.

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Air Cargo, Package, Shipment and Get Live delivery status details online. The new policy regarding the rules of sending the Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines affects a lot of Filipinos abroad. Read the latest updates about the 2018 Balikbayan box rules amendment, how to send a balikbayan box that is compliant to the new Bureau of Customs guidance and how to qualify the tax free exemption. I also received few queries about it from fellow Filipinos here in the UK and other parts of the world.

Sending Balikbayan boxes to our families in the Philippines has been a part of the Filipino modern tradition. Resident Filipinos abroad are working hard and saving up to fill up these precious balikbayan boxes. What are these new policies about sending Balikbayan boxes: From 1st August 2017, balikbayan boxes will now be subject to duty and import tax with certain exemptions and limitations. What do I have to do? What are the exemptions and limitations? How would I know my limit or differentiate the personal and commercial quantity of goods in my Balikbayan box?

These are some of the guidelines about the Import restrictions and the regulated ones for commercial purposes. If you live in the UK, you can send your Balikbayan boxes through this trusted Balikbayan Cargo Company. Let me know in the comment box below on what you think of this new policy and your experience in sending your Balikbayan boxes. For those who are not familiar with this term, these are the boxes that Filipinos are sending to their families in the Philippines filled with toys, clothing, appliances, groceries etc.

The Balikbayan boxes come in various sizes depending on your preference and budget. Filipinos who work and live abroad, typically fill the Balikbayan boxes throughout the year and send it to their family few months before the Christmas season or on several occasions in a year. The tax will also be a new source of revenue for the government public funds. From 1st August 2017, balikbayan boxes will now be subject to duty and import tax with certain exemptions and limitations. You can still carry-on and send your balikbayan boxes as usual. However, there are few things that you should make note of.

Balikbayan box should need to be declared and supported with a receipt. Upon sending the Balikbayan box, the sender is required to fill up the declaration form that is provided by the Bureau of Customs. Cargo companies that will transport the Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines, IF AVAILABLE. The declaration list and the receipts will be the basis of the duty and import tax that you have to pay when the items arrive in the Philippines. Everyone is still allowed to send a balikbayan box to the Philippines.