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2,000 a DAY from the markets. And although we aren’t keen on the infomercial style web site, it’s hard to argue against the apparent consistency and profitability this automated trading system provides. The Unbiased Opinion Score meter is a tool we use to calculate the quality of a product based on its unbiased, unsolicited reviews online. We forex autopilot members up to 50 reviews from real customers and compile a unique ‘overview’ report on the product.

The reason why there are 8 scripts is because the millionaire creator of Forex Autopilot wanted to create a truly flexible system which works with multiple currency pairs. Most trading systems you can buy only work with 1 currency pair, limiting their effectiveness. Forex Autopilot works with a whole range of different currency pairs so you can make the most profit. The author of Forex Autopilot, Marcus Leary, has been making several million dollars from Forex for several years before the launch of his system. Forex Autopilot just like keeping Leary hostage and forcing him to trade on your behalf. And from all accounts, it works.

It does not implement a stop loss strategy and uses its internal signals to close losing trades. The monthly announcement of non farm payroll figures is one of the most volatile moments in the Forex market and you can make hundreds of pips within 1 hour if you trade it correctly. This Expert Advisor is perfect for this because it can make decisions in an instant, which is exactly what you need in order to make profit from Non Farm Payrolls. The Ultra Trend indicator is a combination of indicators that seems to be very accurate in finding the direction and strength of the trend, as well as key support and resistance levels. The indicator comes with a detailed instruction manual and sample trading setups that you can use to trade with. I haven’t traded with this indicator yet, but it seems quite accurate. With the Forex Autopilot package you receive detailed documentation for each of the above 3 systems, as well as a 74 page advanced Forex trading guide for those who wish to learn more about things like Scalping, Martingale, Money Management and many others.