Foreign currancy exchange online forex

Take Your Money Places Heading for a Disneyland holiday with the family to USA? Rushing for a business trip to Hong Kong? Sending your child abroad for education? Travel Money India has foreign exchange foreign currancy exchange online forex every reason.

Simply convert your rupees into any leading currency of the world including Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, Dirham and you’re all set! You can choose to take cash, traveller’s cheques or a prepaid forex card to carry your money in big and small denominations. Purchase foreign currency online in a few easy steps. Find your nearest store and place your order with a Travel Money Expert. By proceeding I agree to Travel Money India’s terms of use and my personal information being handled in accordance with Travel Money India’s Privacy Policy. Have a question about how much foreign currency you can carry?

Wondering what happens if you lose your card? Should you only take cash or is carrying a prepaid forex card the best way to go. Get the answers to some commonly asked questions about foreign exchange. Our Prepaid Multi-Currency Cards are a safe and convenient way to carry your money when travelling overseas. USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, NZD, SGD, AUD, JPY and more.