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After going to Target looking for dan johnson forex cute to wear on St. Patty’s Day, I realized that finding a nice green shirt in the ladies department was no easy task.

I found a few different shades of green in different styles of shirts, but was left wanting something more genuine to the occasion. Turn the t-shirt inside out and lay it flat, front side up. Lay the tank on top of the shirt and make marks with the pen showing the neck line depth and strap thickness for reference. Remove the tank and draw lines connecting the pen marks to follow while cutting. Cut the neck out of the t-shirt following the pen marks.

I cut the front of the shirt first then the back separately. Following your pen marks for the straps, cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt, cutting both sides of the shirt at the same time. Turn the shirt right-side out and set aside. Take one of the cut-off sleeves and cut it along the bottom seam. Step 4: Tying the back straps together.