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These days, most expert traders and investors draw stock charts, read stock quotes, and follow financial news on their computer screens. Market professionals also use various software for trading and investment analyses. Average stock traders, professional or independent, sit at their screens during trading hours, monitoring financial news, examining stock charts, currency forecast prediction comments forex all possible trade opportunities.

Investors may decide to buy or sell a stock based on a news tip, a grapevine rumor, or on the discovery of a stock showing a typical buy or sell technical pattern. Conventional trading software may let users search for stocks that meet a certain number of criteria, such as specifications of price, volume, and other indicators. However, those tools usually ask the users to input their own search criteria. Unfortunately, most users do not really know what conditions will lead to reliable trading signals. The remarkable news is that AASTOCKS.

To find stocks displaying “ideal” chart patterns, we have pioneered a powerful set of pattern- recognition and pattern-search methodologies. Financial services firms and brokerage houses happily provide their clients with costly research materials and analysis results. Some stock analysts periodically issue newsletter comments on popular stocks. However, professional investors and independent traders alike still face two major inconveniences: first, summaries and newsletter comments are unavailable for most stocks, and second, even when they are available, these comments are often badly out of date soon after they are released. The amazing news on this score is that AASTOCKS Live Stock Comment engine overcomes such drawbacks by providing traders with consistent and reliable real -time stock summaries and comments for all stocks! Just as the modern public has witnessed IBM’s Big Blue outmaster the masters of chess, the trading world is now beginning to comprehend the potential of Artificial Intelligence in trading applications. AASTOCKS has assembled a powerful stock database for historical and real-time data.

AASTOCKS stores in its database the daily and intra-day prices and volumes of stocks traded on the SEHK, as well as other fundamental data on all stocks. We have also stored the major indexes and market-sector indexes in our database. AILSCE computes stocks’ past performance, along with short-term and long-term trends. Numerous hard statistical and scientific studies have indicated that the stock market, as well as other financial markets, are, like other complex natural phenomena, to a certain degree predictable by means of newly developing methods and tools. Movements of the stock prices, as well as price movements of other financial instruments, generally present a deterministic trend, on which are superimposed some “noise” signals, in turn composed of truly random and chaotic signals.

Although a truly random signal, often represented by a Brownian motion, is unpredictable, it can be estimated by its mean and standard deviation. What is Artificial Neural Network, and what is AASTOCKS Neurol-PredictorTM? Motivated in its design by the human nervous system, ANN mimics the human nervous system in its operations. At this extraordinary interface between natural human systems and created electronic ones, ANN is capable of learning by training to generalize from special cases–just like human beings can! The crucial pre-processing and validation are discussed separately. Collect the training set, which includes the input data for the ANN to “see” and the known target data for ANN to learn to output. For stock price predictions, for example, the training set and target data would naturally be historical stock prices.