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Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. I must be a bad reader or tired. In the same paragraph the RNS stated -however- The Cue Diamond project was to be surrendered. Dubs, forever the gentleman sir but it doesnt seem to be getting through to Angela so here goes Whats the difference between a donut and Angela? Answers on a postcard please to mynamewaslordbbeforemysexchange. Angela you are going to need to get the donughts in again coz you spouting more inaccuracy.

The Company intends to maintain its interest in the Baker’s Gold Project where a small programme of exploration during the year has enhanced the prospectivity and value of the project. Mapping and chip sampling of gold bearing quartz-stockwork veins in the Dicky Lee open pit, which was developed in the 1980s for production of specimen gold-quartz nuggets, has returned gold values to 32. Your right my thinking can be wrong and I can and have been caught out thankfully not often. In seriously reducing holdings by a further total of nearly 5 million II have bitten the loss pill but I expect to more than make them up. Before I started investing I ran two dummy portfolios for a period of two years purely on aim stocks and lost, those dummy losses gave insight into what happens with aim companies. SRES has abandoned its once vaunted Bakers gold prospect,why, to save licence money etc.

Saving costs is indicative of projected insufficient cash availability to meet all the companies outgoings so save money and place the savings to better use. Just one of the reasons apart from the companies past why I think further funding is required. I also learnt from the dummy portfolios not hold and hold but to get out either with a profit or take a loss sit back and watch what happens if their is a good chance of a decent term outcome step back in again. In terms of being wrong and their is no dilution I dont mind paying a higher price to get back in on the basis of expected sp increase.

Exactly what I will do here. Actually think it’s simpler than that. 22 shows you are as an mm or paid deramper. Ahy angle you post for placing or consolidation soon. Stop playing guessing games and post actual insider info. I’ve never read a positive post from any rns. This week’s rns now shows we now have another huge project which will once cs is in production we will apply that permit.