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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Further evidence that these guys are serious. Great buying opportunity despite all the noise in this embarrassment of a country. I have bought a few more. I think it’s been largely psychological. IPO and people assume it’s correcting back to IPO prices.

Any thoughts on why this dropped so far? Robbie Burns has bought more here. I actually thought Mark was very clear and concise in the interview. The presenter sounded like she was on school radio right enough.

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Points out that Neil Woodford has a 9. 8 with an expected dividend yield of 4. Totally agree JJa smart move by the looks of it. Will take time to move the needle on the bottom line of course but look how well they have done on the water filters, no reason we won’t see similar success in the coffee collaboration. News today of collaboration with a leading global consumer product company based in the USA to develop a new range of coffee machines using Strix’s patented technology. Might be worth keeping an eye on what is happening here.

Prixe movement is around the 160-170p mark recently. A few TR1 RNS with II reading down some of their pre-IPO stock. But either PI or other II snapping up the shares. Strong BID spread isn’t too big either!